AKB48 Team Surprise’s new single, Kimi ga Omotteru Yori – Maeda Atsuko returns to AKB48?

  May 28, 2013



Well, look who we have here?

Today, Kyoraku Co., Ltd launched the PachiSuro (Pachinko Slot) website that features AKB48’s Team Surprise.

What’s surprising is that in the Members section of the website, you can clearly see that Atsuko Maeda is still the center of Team Surprise – even though she has graduated.

Which brings us to the main point of this article, is she coming back?

Well – the clear, resounding answer to that would be a no.

There are a lot of speculations about sponsors and agencies having to do with this ‘return’, but we as fans (should) know best that Acchan is not coming back. If anything, this is merely a ruse to promote the second phase of Team Surprise.

Kawaei Rina will be replacing Acchan for the live performances for this Team Surprise.

From the intro video on the PachiSuro site, Kimi ga Omotteru Yori is labeled as M13 – and if things are done just like Jyuuryoku Sympathy before this, then this Team Surprise stage should have another 12 songs (with a new one released every week) up until M24.

There were a lot of good / above average songs on the last Team Surprise stage, and Kimi ga Omotteru Yori made a very good impression as the opening / main song for this stage. Hopefully the other 11 songs that will follow will have similar if not better quality compared to the last stage.

Look forward to them!

What are your thoughts? Which Team Surprise song that you liked the most?
Let us know at the comments section below! 🙂

Team Surprise Press Conference

Leaked PV

Official PV

Update! Press Conference Special Live


Jyuuroku Sympathy was awesome, this song is also awesome. There are lots of good songs that in Pachinko Songs huh?

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