Impressions on Shinoda Mariko’s graduation song on Music Station, ex-HKT48 Yuukosu’s private cooking event and 2 more

  July 14, 2013


Ex-HKT48 member, Sugamoto Yuko (Yuukosu, read: Former HKT48 Member Sugamoto Yuko to make a comeback in Showbiz as Cooking Talent ), will be having her own cooking event, Yuko’s Cafe.

In this event, she will introduce you her original dish, where you get to eat the said dish while also enjoying her explanation of the said dish.

The first event, [Yuko’s Cafe vol. 1 ~ Opening ~] will be held in a certain Tokyo bar, on Sunday, August 11. The fee per person is 8500Yen. On one day there will be two shifts, with the limit of 30 person per shift. The ticketing will be closed on 31st of July.

For the menu itself, Yuukosu will present you these dishes:

  • Appetizer | Yuukosu deluxe Season Salad
  • Main Menu | Yuukosu Homemade Curry
  • Dessert | Cake with Japanese style tea’s tea leaves
  • After meal drink | “The mountain mist Tea”

For those who come, they will also get these:

  • Yuukosu’s Handwritten menu
  • 2 special off shot photo of Yuukosu
  • Yuukosu’s handmade cookie (unconfirmed)

For reservation and details, you can go here.

Next schedule are on September 28, 2013 (Saturday) in the Kanto area.

Fan Reactions:Isn’t there some kind of two-shot session..8500Yen Curry, what kind of First class chef is that!!It’s expensive… does it have a value worth the price?If we think of the event, it isn’t that expensive.It seems our friend Sashihara will definitely go without thinking twice.Curry-wise, 8500yen is expensive. A Yuukosu private event for 2 hours with 30 person-wise, it’s cheap.