SPR48 sister group to be created in Sapporo(?) NMB48 girls’ wishes on Tanabata & SKE’s Lolicon War

  July 10, 2013

In Japan, there is a star festival called the Tanabata (七夕, meaning “Evening of the seventh”) that is celebrated during Summer between the month of July and August. This festival celebrates the meeting of Orihime and Hikoboshi, that according to the legend, are separated by the Milky Way and can only meet each other by the seventh day of the seventh lunar month.

There is a tradition in Tanabata where people write their wishing on a long but narrow piece of paper, usually in a form of poetry called tanza, then tied it to the bamboo leaves. These are called the tanzaku.

The NMB48 Theater Manager has kindly given us what the NMB48 girls are writing during Tanabata festival in his ameblo post.


[Team N]

I hope to not make any painful memories. Ogasawara Mayu.

Every day each day I will absorb my self in fishing. Kadowaki Kanako.

To become beautiful. Kishino Rika.

Great actress. Kinoshita Haruna.

So that my dream can be realized. Koga Narumi.

May the ticket for my solo theater show on 7/28 sold out, also may it be successful.  Kotani Riho a.k.a Ripopo

To be come an actress.  Kondo Rina

Will absolutely become an actress.    Keicchi – Jounishi Kei

I want to have a special move!!!!  Shiroma Miru

I will shine bright even among senpais!! Gloriously bright♥   Nishimura Aika

Back into Senbatsu.  Yamaguchi Yuki – Yuppi

May members and fans continue to smile every day.
I hope I will be able to talk about solo CM.
I want to go on a family trip.
I want to be famous.     Yamamoto Sayaka

Be a model.    Yoshida Akari

Work is me in its very self.     Watanabe Miyuki

[Team M] 

Team Moing on a tour! Azuma Yuki

Team M going on a tour! I want to always be in a team that is filled with happiness. Okita Ayaka

I want to do an Udon party with everyone. Kawakami Rena

100 boobs. Kinoshita Momoka

May I become cute! Koyanagi Arisa

I wish everyone in Team M from now on is in great health, and for us to be able to continue keeping our carefree and true to ourselves. Shimada Rena

Going on a tour with Team M!   please take care of us! Takano Yui

I want to do tour with Team M♥then to worldwide!!!      Tanigawa Airi

Please let team M do tour! I♥Team M. Also, I want to try voice actress.   Mita Mao

I hope for everyone in Team M to be wise. Murakami Ayaka.

May I be beautiful inside and out.  Murase Sae

I want to sparkle.    Yagura Fuuko

Team M Tour!!!  Yamagishi Natsumi

To live with my heart’s content.    Yamada Nana

I wish I will be able to do drama performance again!! And also, I wish my dream to be an actress, hollywood actress, to come true.      Yogi Keira

[Team BII]

I want to be Sexy.   Akazawa Hono

To be Big.   Ishizuka Akari

All of my wish to be granted. Ijiri Anna

I wish I can discover my [popular] self.  Ueda Mirei

I wish for the numbers of animal walking on two feet to increase.  Umehara Mako

I wish to be a top idol.   Oota Yuuri

If… next year there is sousenkyo, I want to rank in! after that, I want to be able to be good in talking.  Katou Yuuka

I wish I can be more proactive. Also, I want to ride horse overseas.   Kamieda Emika

I want to get famous fast. Kusaka Konomi

Next year I will win ganken and go to Budoukan!   Kushiro Rina

For the world to be in harmony, overflowing with smile… +I hope I can take center position… Kurokawa Hazuki

I want to get away from the maze and find my own road. + I want to expand my horizon.  Konou Saki.

Never lose.  Kobayashi Rikako

To spend time  in contentment. Muro Kanako

I wish I can find my future dream. I want to be a presence that can be told, that I am totally needed by NMB48.   Shuu a.k.a. Yabushita Shuu

To deliver songs throughout the world!  Yamauchi Tsubasa

[Research student]

I want to shine more than anyone in theater performance. Akashi Natsuko

I want to be good in talking.  Ishida Yuumi

Everyone around Miiki to get loads of happiness♥ Uno Mizuki

More and more people becoming maicccuuuuu~  Oudan Mai

May I be able to eat loads of Ice cream!   Ogawa Noa

May I grow more and more, I hope to be able to get active lots of different genre!  Kawakami Chihiro

I hope lots of people, will wait before Nagi.  Shibuya Nagisa.

May I become better in talking!  Shimazaki Momoka

Raise to the top.   Takayama Riko

May my stutter heal. Also, may I become [Kamen Rider]  Terui Honoka

A touring stage with Kenkyuusei!  Nakagawa Hiromi

Get into senbatsu. Enlargen my dream. Nakano Reina

To get out of kenkyusei!! and get into senbatsu. Hope My dream will be huge (lol)  Nishizawa Rurina

[May I become more popular] I want to be able to read and write English.  Hayashi Momoka

May I become number 1 in dance!   Matsuoka Chiho

I will become an existence that can shine and sparkle brighter than anyone else!   Matsumura Megumi (Megumin)

Advance forward!  Miura Arisa

I will definitely win janken in Budoukan! ー♥  By Pararira Ayatin ♥ (Morita Ayaka)

170 cm   Yamao Rina

I hope all of you remember this particular post that Matsui Rena made, dedicated to Takeuchi Mai.

Matsui Rena 07/04 9:12

Dedicating this to Maichan…

How bout that?!



Matsui Rena 7/4 9:13

I think Maichan and I are on the same wavelength
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:14

However, Yuuna is MY possesion!
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:14

I’m happy it is me by the cellphone wallpaper
Even if I didn’t win Janken, I was so happy…
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:15

Matsui Rena 7/4 9:17

Me and Maichan can really connect to each other
Matsui Rena 7/4 9:21

Yuuna is a girl with ambition that seriously tries with all her might the sight of her sweating is also cute

In which Takeuchi Mai answered,

Matsui Rena 7/4 9:58



This is so unfair, unfair, unfair!
but Yuzuki by the back is so cute too!!!


…it turns out they didn’t stop there…

Takeuchi Mai 07/06 22:46

When I took the picture attached mail..

Nothing is being restrained anymore

Warning※By the right, Hidaka Yuzuki-chan

06 - 1

Matsui Rena 07/06 22:51

Takeuchi Mai 07/06 22:56

Yuzuki-chan is soooo cute, you know
Takeuchi Mai 07/06 22:57

Crime. This is a crime.

Takeuchi Mai 07/06 23:24

This is bad!
The red card has been…

I can’t see it. I can’t see such thing!

Rena-saaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaanΣ(OωO )

Takeuchi Mai 07/08 19:46

This is the Spot of Cute, you know.

Somehow though, a different cheeky person is there (lol)

08 - 1 (1)

Suzuki Rika 7/8 17:50

Iwata Karen 07/08 17:57

Matsui Rena 07/08 21:09


Takeuchi Mai 07/08 20:46

Koa-san, sorry ( ̄ー ̄)

Rena-san, forgive me ( ̄∀ ̄)

08 - 1 (2)


Takajima Yukina 7/8 19:03

what a disaster!! lol
Kobayashi Ami 7/8 20:32

Everyone, if Maimai didn’t capture you, it’s okay to have Koami be the one capturing you, you know~
Matsui Rena 7/8 21:10

Matsui Rena 7/8 21:10

This isn’t you monopolizing them.
Matsui Rena 7/8 21:11

This is an illustration of a drill for evacuation. Yes, that’s right. No mistaking it. This is a practice to save yourself in case something fall from above, right? Right? Yes, must be it. Right. I know that clearly. RIGHT?
Takeuchi Mai 7/9 11:42


using Meruchan is cheating~!!!(`Д´)♡♡♡

As I thought, Rena-san is amazing (lol)
I’m jealous.

… is NOT something that I will say! (lol)

Matsui Rena 07/08 23:13

To counter Takeuchi Mai-san.

The smile of Hakata’s Angel. Merutan

Yesterday we were really lovey dovey with each other okay!



Matsui Rena 07/08 23:17

In competition to Takeuchi Mai-san

My hidden weapon, Yumecchi of 6th Generation.
Instead of half-twin hair, it’s a pony tail, can’t you see?
This, too, is cute, right?
And she said to me, she was told she looked like me on first sight, you know??

Aa.. for being able to make me take out my treasured prized girls, Takeuchi Mai, I shouldn’t take you lightly.


Matsui Rena 07/08 23:14

To compete against Takeuchi Mai-san

My Orihime-chan, Arii.
So cute, that it chokes, right?



Starting today, there’s a commercial that started airing in Sapporo..
「 Why is AKB48 going to have a concert in Sapporo?
It’s because we want to create Sapporo48! 」- is the commercial that is airing!!
I want them to make SPR48, so please keep on airing this CM!If they really want to create another sister group, instead of Sapporo I think Sendai is a better option – considering transportation and everything…Even if they start auditioning 1st generation for SPR48 the next day after the Sapporo Dome concert, it’ll sound normal?Will it be a direct management from AKS, or a franchise like Namba? I wonder.I don’t think they’re doing this to create a sister group in Sapporo, but more likely to cover the costs from Sapporo Dome, don’t you think?It’s because the tickets aren’t selling well so they created this CM right!AKS already acquired the domain of spr48.jp
Team P sounds a little… stupid (lol)Akimoto (Yasushi) 「 “We want to create” might have been said but “We will create” was never said 」It would be really great if this can be a realized

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