Check out photos of 3 stellar members of AKB48 who recently changed their hairstyles!

  August 4, 2013

One of the great things about AKB48 group is that they discovered Shinoda Mariko and made her life challenging, exciting, educational and humbling one that have inspired millinos of young people. Recently, Mariko, former captain of team A, graduated AKB48 and posted a photo of her new hairstyle on twitter.

“This blue color of my hair is inspired by Ricori♪ I’be long disired to change my hair color such as applying hair streaks.”

Having glanced at her tweeets, she called the blue “Ricoriblue“, the sybol color for her clothing brand, and is actually not a simple blue color but a subtle mix of blue and gray. As she tweeted that “I’m glad that everyone like this color♪ Don’t worry, I will soon change them back to normal♪ It’s just that I’m about that age when you want to go a little adventurous.” We put a couple of photos of her with the cool new hairstyle along with photos of Matsui Jurina and Oshima Yuko, both changed their hair style recently. Enjoy!

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Oshima Yuko recently dyed her hair black





Matsui Jurina recently cut her hair in bangs!

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And media  went crazy over her hairstyle change!! LOL

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Mariko appears in Mentholatum’s TV ad!

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