Koisuru Fortune Cookie MV is out!! (and one more about Suuchan’s first Kiss)

  August 12, 2013

Koisuru Fortune Cookie – Fall in Love Fortune Cookie, MV is out!

Believe it or not, there have been tons of car crashes in Japan since the song came out.

Because… the moment the horn sound in the intro starts to blow, your ready! And when the song starts playing on car radio, hell no, your arms are in that Hadoken-like (or Rice-ball-forming) motion!

Yes, yes this is a total lie that I just made up, but hey, whether it be freestyle or choreo, whether you be a chubby old guy or skinny girls with shiny hair, it doesn’t matter. Just dance!

P.S. Is it only me that everything about this song feels so slow, including DJ’s speaking?

Maybe Dr.Dre is happy about this…

Overseas fan version

Koisuru Fortune Cookie (Fan Version) from David Liao on Vimeo.

Didn’t know this voting contest has commenced til team A members tweeted about it.
If Suuchan wins this game, she will star the TV ad for the nissan’s automobile!
Wait, wait, there’s one string attached to this deal, that is… what? Are you kidding me? The winner of the election will become a heroine in the final commercial, and KISS the guy!?!? Fantastic!

Note: One vote per IP per day.


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All though there’re total 7 contestants for this game, the battle is basically duel (one on one match). As of today, Suuchan is in dead heat battle with Arai Hitomi from idol group, Tokyo Joshiryu. Suuchan Wota need your help!!