AKB48 2nd Young Jump Gravure project announcement & results

  February 22, 2014

AKB48 Young Jump Gravure Lottery

1st Young Jump Gravure 2014

The second AKB48 Young Jump Gravure Lottery has been announced!

Any members who are at least high school age can apply, but it’s likely that most of the applicants will be those who wouldn’t otherwise get the chance to do magazine shoots.
No official list of candidates has appeared yet, but various members have announced their candidacy on their Google+ pages.

Uchiyama Natsuki   02 / 20 8:50

I’m a candidate for the 26-girl Young Jump Gravure!

Umeta Ayano   02 / 20 11:50

There’s a plan for a Young Jump Gravure. Of course I’m a candidate!!

Mogi Shinobu   02 / 19 14:05

You all want to see some Mogi gravure, don’t you!? Right!!!???

From the candidates, 26 girls will be selected, and each will be given a gravure shot in Young Jump, probably the most widely sold weekly shounen magazine in Japan.

Selection is completely random, with management having no hand in it, so anyone is possible. Winners will be given swimsuit gravure shots spread across the issues being released on April 3rd and April 10th.

Hashimoto Hikari Gravure

The number of girls allowed to participate in this gravure is fewer than the previous one, which selected 50 girls from the applicants, and gave Ego Yuna (SKE48 Team S), Murase Sae (NMB48 Team M) and Imada Mina (HKT48 Trainee) full-page spreads in only one issue.

The other members were only given very small images. It’s likely that, with only 26 winners spread across two issues, the shots will be much larger – perhaps four members to a page across three pages in each issue, with two members getting full page spreads.

Update: AKB48 Young Jump Gravure Lottery Results

AKB48 Young Jump Gravure Lottery Results

From AKB48 ( 9 members )
Team A: Suzuki Mariya
Team K: Maeda Ami, Hirata Rina
Team B: Kojima Natsuki
Team 4: Umeta Ayano, Uchiyama Natsuki, Iwatate Saho ☆
KKS: Mukaichi Mion, Okawa Rio

From SKE48 ( 10 members )
Team S: Ego Yuna, Yakata Miki
Team KII: Kato Tomoko
Team E: Ichino Narumi, Azuma Rion ☆
KKS: Shiori Aoki, Yamamoto Yuka, Noguchi Yume, Takeuchi Saki, Inuzuka Asana

From NMB48 ( 5 members )
Team N: Kotani Riho
Team M: Murakami Ayaka
Team BII: –
KKS: Kawakami Chihiro, Uno Mizuki, Nakano Reina

From HKT48 ( 2 members )
Team H: –
Team KIV: –
KKS: Ito Raira, Iwahana Shino

Members marked with ☆ will be getting a full page spread – so look forward for Sahhoo’s and Azumarion’s gravure shots on Young Jump next month!!!

Compilations from the first Young Jump Gravure Project

Source: http://akb48matome.com/archives/51914972.html