AKB48’s upcoming Grand Reformation Festival, who goes where? Chime in with your predictions!

  February 20, 2014

48 Group Grand Reformation Festival

As we all know, during Day 4 of Request Hour 2014 it was announced that there will be a Grand Reformation Festival ( Dai Sokaku Matsuri ) that will happen on the 24th of February 2014.

A lot of buzz have been going on about what kind of scope this ‘reformation’ will have.

The kanji “dai” (big) in “daisokaku” infers that this time, it will be even bigger than the last reformations / team shuffles.

This might mean that members from overseas sister groups will be considered to be shuffled to / from Japan – a possibility that we can’t rule out, knowing full well that being a fan of the 48 group means that we’ll have to prepare our hearts for surprises such as this.

Well, that being said, we at AKB48WrapUp are curious about what you have in mind – do you think Aki-P / AKS is crazy enough to ship some of the local Japanese members to SNH48 / JKT48?
Insensible enough to move Sasshi back to AKB?
Have enough screws loose to anger SKE fans even more by making Rena AND Jurina concurrent members?

You tell us!

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February 24th is only 4 days away – Zepp DiverCity Tokyo will be a silent witness to what might be the rise ( or fall ) of the groups that we care so much about.

It’ll be very interesting to see if any of your answers turn into reality!