SKE48 Mukaida Manatsu’s graduation message in a form of a special message to Yuria fans

  February 12, 2014

Will SKE48 fans be able to dodge the most devastating scenario for Yuria, who is undeniably the center of attention as Grand Reformation is just around the corner.

Mukaida Manatsu's graduation message in a form of a special message to Yuria fans

I don’t (and can’t) subscribe to Mobame, so instead of translating her actual text, I picked up fans’ comment and put them together to provide you of a rough picture of what Manatsu-chan was trying to convey through her message.

One fan wrote, “Manatsu sent us a mobame message that is kinda like a sound of her heart crying… We SKE48 fans had never known what Manatsu went through after the team shuffle, and how tough the past one year was for her…”

That was the evening of Kizaki Yuria’s birthday, and according to fans, Manatsu is “likening her past situation to the current state of Yuria, like how mentally channelging it is to shoulder the heavy expectation from fans, and (though, like she says, this only applies to Manatsu) how tough it is not to have anyone who she can depend on in that situation” and so Manatsu wants fans of Yuria and SKE48, “Not to put too much expectation on Yuria, or at least not to voice that”, because being put under insane pressure without having anyone to rely on, she would get lost, and just “look upon Yuria warmly”.

One Wota says Manatsu’s Mobame last night was not a message to her fans but one for Yuria and Yuria oshi along with a photo of Yuria.

“Is Manatsu trying to say that Yuria would share the same consequence wiht Manatsu? But Yuria has Nishishi, the leader…”

“Yeah, Yuria has friends that she can depend on. Manatsu wants to know this, and yeah, so she wants fans to if possible just look upon her warmly and follow/accompany her as she makes her way.”

“She totally seeing herself through Yuria. It must have been a huge pressure and stress for her that we’d always likened her to Acchan or Jurina. For Manatsu…. fans might not be her sunshine but an eternal pressure that ultimately tore her apart…”

“I need to punch myself, what an idiot I was to have told her that I wished she would run for the election… But please please forgive me, I’d only expect this much from a member  who has an amazing aura, a make-believe girl that makes me believe those fantasies I dream about are actually true…”

“I wonder who were the members who Manatsu could confide in?” aksed on fan.

“The name that immidiately comes to my mind is Churi (Takayanagi Akane), but it’s hard to imagine Manatsu opening her mind to anybody cause she’s a kind of person who keeps stuffs like this behind the curtain. I’m pretty sure that she consulted Neesan (Sato Mieko) occasionally but it’s probably not exacatly what we are talking about.”

A blog post from 2011 by Sato Mieko wherein she talks about Manatsu:

“This reminded me of her past remark from birthday show. She wanted to beg someone for help but held back, thinking it’d be cause troble to them, and so… she’d been carrying all her burden by herself for like…. nearly 5 years. Maybe being blamed by fans of Churi (they didn’t like it if taking care of Manatsu would add more concern to Churi, who already had a lot to worry about) had something to with the fact that Manatsu stopped relying on others all together… We, including me, had been thinking Manatsu was mentally fragile, but was our presumption correct? Is she really that soft? Now after reading her mobame, I’d say she was way stronger than we thought she was, she really pushd herself to mature.

“I’m crying like an idiot. How I wish I could go back to the days of ‘Gomen’ne Summer’ and cheer her up with all my heart and spirit. I’d elimnate all the noises and pressures for her. I’d shout my love for her every single day….!! Now I’m swearing at myself, What A Terrible Onichan (Elder Brother) I am…”

…and the two shared the moment when Yuria turned 18 over the phone.

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