NMB48 is looking for a guitarist, HKT48’s surprise announcement, Winter olympics Manatsu and more!

  February 9, 2014

NMB48 is looking for a guitarist!

NMB48 is looking for a guitarist

Kaneko Takeshi   2/8 6:44 PM

Shimazaki, happy birthday!
Please try your best as the self-proclaimed sexy specialist.
With that being said, you’re still 13 years old. How young.
Get well soon, then show us your energetic sexy pose, okay?
I wish you a good year!

For fans,
Shimazaki’s google+ is still under construction
It’s scheduled to be opened soon so please wait for a while longer.

*emergency recruitment

Team N [ Koko ni Datte Tenshi ga Iru ] Stage
We are looking for under guitarist (Support Angel) for Yamamoto Sayaka’s solo song, Yume no dead body ( 夢のdead body )
Someone who will be the pinch hitter to play the guitar during the time when Yamamoto isn’t able to perform.
Regardless a professional or amateur, for those who has the confidence.
(* there will be an evaluation)

Please check the details in the homepage.

Thank you for your cooperation.

The information can be seen in this site and the person who are interested must send their basic info and upload their video playing solo guitar on youtube. They will then be informed of the schedule once determined, come earlier before the performance for a rehearsal, then performed with the under member (during the absence of Yamamoto Sayaka).

The selected guitarist will not be paid and those under age must have guardians’ permission.

“Let’s practice guitar”

“cute girls and little children guitarist please”

“It’s a volunteer work”

source: http://akb48matome.com/archives/51913274.html

HKT48 Will Appear on Music Station!

Ozaki Mitsuru   2/8 7:20 PM

An announcement from Sashihara…

It has been decided that HKT48 will appear on Music Stasion on February 14!

Captain Anai and Matsuoka who collapsed from the shock (lol)