SKE48 WrapUp: Mirai to Wa? original song, fake goods seller caught, private twitter leaked, and more

  March 26, 2014

Mirai to Wa? Sales


First day sales of Mirai to Wa? was 273,740 copies, which shows a huge drop from the first day sales of the last single Sansei Kawaii, which was 349,835 copies. However, the second day sales of Mirai to Wa? was 88,431 copies which boost up the whole sales into 362,171 copies.


It seems the sales has gone up again as the fifth day sales again went up again after a period of declining with 11,915 copies which accumulated into 389,663 copies on the fifth day. Their first week sales ended up in 39.8 million copies, while Utsukushii Inazuma was 510,673 copies and Sansei Kawaii 449,003 copies.

Despite the declining sales Mirai To Wa? has been the single that rank SKE as the third female group to have their singles ranked 1st in Oricon Chart for 10 times in a row. The only two other groups are Morning Musume and AKB48. They are also the fastest to have achieved it, with only 4 years and 8 months since their debut.

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Satou Mieko's original song as a coupling of Mirai to Wa? Theater edition!


There is a song in Theater Edition of Mirai to Wa? that was sung by the 2nd generation of SKE48, titled “Bokura no Kizuna” (Our Bonds). This song was composed by SKE48’s first generation, Sato Mieko. Considering that not only she made lyrics but also the music, this is the first song created by a member to be released in the 48Group single (the first one to ever compose a lyrics other than Akimoto Yasushi was Kitahara Rie).

The song itself was made originally for a first generation graduated member almost two years ago, and Miepi uploaded her song on her G+. To fit with 2nd generation, some of the lyrics are changed accordingly. However, you can watch the original video taken from Miepi’s G+ below:

The song was sung the very first time by all 2nd generation members in Mukaida Manatsu’s graduation stage.

Bokura no Kizuna

Music & Lyrics: Satou Mieko  
TranslationsKanji LyricsRomaji Lyrics
That summer day, without anyone knowing, the days of our special trainingあの夏の日  誰も知らない  僕らの特訓の毎日さ(wow)Ano natsu no hi       daremo shiranai     bokura no tokkun no mainichi sa (wow)
Even if we’re supposed to be exhausted, we were there without saying such things like "it's hard" to anyone疲れてるはずなのに(Nn)  誰も辛いなんていわずにいたtsukareteruhazu nanoni (Nn..)    daremo tsurai nante iezu ni ita
It takes some time for us to get together,仲良くなるのは  少し時間かかったけど  仲間になるのはNakayokunaru no wa    sukoshi jikan ga kakattakedo   nakama ni naru no wa
but for us to be nakama from then on felt like a blink of an eyeあえからあっという間で・・・arekara atto iu ma de…
The things that I want to convey to you right now今君に伝えたい  言葉が多すぎて言えないIma kimi ni tsutaetai     kotoba ga oosugite ienai
are so many that I can’t say itありがとうって 大好きだよって 言えばいいだけなのにarigatoutte   daisuki dayotte    ieba ii dake nanoni
"Thank you"  "I love you"いつか夢を叶えて みんなとこの場所で会いたいitsuka yume wo kanaete    minna to kono basho ni aitai
even though it’d be alright if I just say itだからね 今日は笑顔で さようならを言うんだねdakara ne     kyou wa  egao de   sayounara wo iunda ne
One day when our dreams come true, I want to meet with everyone in this place
That is why today we say goodbye with smile
Passing autumn,秋もすぎて 試合に負け続けていた頃 突然に (wow)aki mo sugite   shiai ni maketsudzuketeita koro    totsuzen ni (wow)
back at that time when I continuously lose the match君からメールが来て(Nn..) 驚いたけれど 嬉しかったkimi kara MEERU ga kite (Nn..)    odoroita keredo  ureshikatta
suddenly a mail came from you
Though I was surprised, I was happy
Although the you of that time still has yet to find the answer to your troubleあの時は君の 悩みの答えが見つからなったけれどano toki ha kimi no    nayami no kotae ga mitsukaranakatta keredo
right now, it seems like you have found it今なら わかる気がするよima nara    wakaru ki ga suru yo
With the things that I want to convey to you right now are kept only in my heart今君に伝えたい 言葉を胸にしまったままIma kimi ni tsutaetai    kotoba wo mune ni shimatta mama
You have decided to continue, facing forward only towards the future未来だけを 前だけを向いて 進むって決めたんだmirai dake wo   mae muke wo muite   susumutte kimetanda
Just like the sandglass, I heard the passing sand grains are called Youth砂時計のように 駆け抜けるときの粒たちをsunadokei no you ni    kake nukeru toki no tsubutachi wo
Let’s run without looking back青春と呼ぶって聞いたよ ふり向かずに走ろうseishun to yobutte kiita yo    furimukazu ni hashirou
Right now I want to convey to you that our bonds will never fade今君に伝えたい 僕らの絆は消えないよima kimi ni tsutaetai     bokura no kizuna wa kienai yo
No matter how many times it’s the same何度もそう 立ったグラウンドと 長く伸びた影たちnandomo sou   tatta GURAUNDO to   nagaku nobita kagetachi
the ground that we stood on and the many long casted shadows砂時計をいつか ひっくり返すときが来たらsunadokei wo itsuka   hikkuri kaesu toki ga kitara
when one day the time for the sand glass to turn over comes,今までの時の粒たちが 力にかわるだろうima made no toki no tsubutachi ga    chikara ni kawaru darou
I’m sure the sand grains of time up till now will turn into strength
Until that time, without stopping…その時まで止まらずに・・・Sono toki made tomarazu ni…
Together with our bonds僕らの絆とともにBokura no Kizuna to tomo ni

Mukaida Manatsu's Graduation Stage

Mukaida Manatsu, one of the most prominent members of SKE48, has just had her last stage on March 23rd. The ribbons of Hikkoshimashita, instead of the usual multicolored ribbons, were replaced with all white ribbons.

As for the double Encore, Bokura no Kizuna was performed by all 2nd Generation members for the first time and the last time with the original members (the existing 2nd Generations), followed by Manazashi Sayonara by Manatsu (Ogiso Shiori’s place) and Abiru Riho (Furukawa Airi’s place). After the duet, Team S performed the first and also last time with original members, their coupling song in Mirai to Wa?, Neko no Shippo ga Pin to Tatteru youni.



The show ended with the performing Team S and 2nd Generation members singing Tooku ni Itemo together with Manatsu in the center.


On her last speech, Manatsu expressed that she didn’t know why she applied for SKE48 audition and still didn’t understand until now. She thought it was a miracle. She also said that the 5 years she spent in SKE48 has been a very meaningful period and she would like to continue her days without making those 5 years goes to waste. Manatsu’s last words to her fans are, “Everyone, please take care of your body and keep healthy. Thank you very much.”

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Finland Embassy in Japan tweet about Manatsu's Graduation!

finland embassy

“Because we are told by the fans, a word!, here is a word. For SKE’s Mukaida Manatsu who has been singing Finland Miracle after all these times. So yesterday was your last. Thank you for your hardwork in these 5 years. Good luck on facing your new dreams! All the best! One day, please come to Finland!”

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