JKT48 3rd Generation News, Flying Get Concert, Sousenkyo preliminary results & more news

  April 11, 2014

Hi everyone, it’s Afit again here.

I apologize for the recent delay in JKT48 updates, I’ve been tied up with IRL stuff that I simply didn’t have enough time to write! Without further ado, these are the recent JKT48 news that I managed to collect for the past two weeks.

JKT48 3rd Generation Selected

After three months of rigorous training and auditioning, finally JKT48 have added more members in their roster. From 63 girls who passed the final audition, only 32 girls succeeded to become the 3rd generation of JKT48. These girls were officially introduced to the media in the press conference which held before Flying Get Concert, which all of them made their debut in front of the fans.

JKT48 3rd generation
JKT48 3rd generation

The author wishes the girls good luck for their career at JKT48 and hopes someday they can reach their dreams & make JKT48 more famous!

3rd Generation Public Debut

Nine days after their debut in front of JKT48 fans, members of JKT48’s 3rd generation officially made their public debut in national TV. They joined their senpais performing Koisuru Fortune Cookie in one of the TV anniversary show.

Here’s the video of their performance

Pipit Ananda resigns from JKT48

Pipit Ananda resigns from JKT48

According to official announcement, Pipit Ananda, one of the 3rd generation has filed her resignation from the group – therefore per 24th March 2014, she’s no longer listed as JKT48 member.

There’s no official statement regarding the reason which make her resigned from JKT48, but the rumor that circulated in fans said that after she passed the audition she get an announcement that she accepted to receive scholarship to study abroad. Again, the author wish her good luck for her education and hopefully she success in the future

JKT48 Flying Get Concert

JKT48 Flying Get Concert

Saturday 15th March 2014, JKT48 held a mini-live concert titled “Flying Get CD Launching Concert” at Nusa Indah teather Balai Kartini. The concert which was announced five days beforehand succeeded to attract approximately thousands of fans, and every audiences who bought the ticket can participate in the upcoming VIVA JKT48 movie shooting.

Those who bought Flying Get seat can enjoy yet another bonus to meet and greet with all 32 members on JKT48 3rd generation after the concert. In the two hour concert JKT48 performed all group song from their current theater stage.

The Setlist of the concert is as follows

NumberSongPerforming Members
KageanaNabilah Ratna Ayu
M01Flying GetSenbatsu
M02Hanikami LollipopUndergirls Senbatsu
MCGames and Dena Siti Rohyati Birthday CelebrationTeam KIII + Trainee
Comedy SkitTheme : Election (Sousenkyo) IntroductionTeam J + Team KIII
M03Seishun GirlsTeam KIII
M04Kimi ga Hoshi ni Maru MadeTeam KIII
M05WarningTeam J
M06Tanjoubi no YoruTeam J
M07Virgin LoveTeam KIII
M08Korogaru Ishi ni NareTeam KIII
M09Natsu ga IchattaTeam J
M10AdythTeam J
M11Cinderella DamasarenaiTeam KIII
M12Dareka no Tame niTeam J
M13Rider2nd Generation Trainee
(Dena Siti Rohyati,Fakhiryani Shafariyanti, Novinta Dhini, Priscillia Sari Dewi, Saktia Oktapyani)
MC3rd Generation Introduction3rd Generation Trainee
M14Aitakatta3rd Generation Trainee
M15Koisuru Fortune CookieAll Members
MCJKT48 6th Single Sousenkyo 1st Peliminary AnnouncementJiro Inao (JKT48 GM)
M16Medley :
Oogoe Diamond
Manatsu no Sounds Good
Team J + Team KIII
M17Shoujotachi Yo!Team J + Team KIII
M18First RabbitTeam J + Team KIII

JKT48 6th Single Sousenkyo - Preliminary Results

As pictured on the schedule attached on my previous article, on 15th March (during the Flying Get Concert) Jiro Inao, General Manager of JKT48 announced the 1st preliminary results of JKT48 6th Single Sousenkyo.

Here’s the results for the 1st preliminary results

1stMelody Nurramdhani LaksaniTeam J475 Votes
2ndHaruka NakagawaTeam J460 Votes
3rdRatu Vienny FitrilyaTeam KIII434 Votes
4thBeby Chaesara AnadilaTeam J415 Votes
5thDevi Kinal PutriTeam J396 Votes
6thNabilah Ratna Ayu AzaliaTeam J371 Votes
7thJessica VerandaTeam J370 Votes
8thShania JunianathaTeam J432 Votes
9thAyana ShahabTeam J340 Votes
10thThalia Ivanka ElizabethTeam J338 Votes
11thCindy YuviaTeam KIII254 Votes
12thSinka JulianiTeam KIII246 Votes
13thJessica VaniaTeam J242 Votes
14thGhaida FarisyaTeam J238 Votes
15thSendy ArianiTeam J237 Votes
16thSaktia OktapyaniTrainee211 Votes

Ten days later on 25th March (after Melody’s Seitansai show at JKT48 theater) Jiro also announced the 2nd preliminary results.

The 2nd prelim results are as follows

PositionName TeamVotes
1Melody Nurramdhani LaksaniTeam J7969 Votes
2Jessica VerandaTeam J6465 Votes
3Beby Chaesara AnadilaTeam J6059 Votes
4Devi Kinal PutriTeam J6013 Votes
5Rica LeyonaTeam J5914 Votes
6Viviyona AprianiTeam KIII4438 Votes
7Ghaida FarisyaTeam J4156 Votes
8Jennifer HannaTeam KIII3015 Votes
9Jessica VaniaTeam J2995 Votes
10Ratu Vienny FitrilyaTeam KIII2980 Votes
11ThaliaTeam KIII2934 Votes
12Rona AnggreaniTeam KIII2797 Votes
13Shania JunianathaTeam J2741 Votes
14Haruka NakagawaTeam J2718 Votes
15Nabilah Ratna Ayu AzaliaTeam J2587 Votes
16Lidya Maulida DjuhandarTeam KIII2316 Votes

The massive number of votes is triggered by one of the voting methods which is the Digital Content Download. It is relatively cheaper than other voting methods since you only have to pay (with your cellphone credit) IDR 3,300 (33 yen) for a one-off registration fee and another IDR 3,300 per content download (songs, wallpapers, photos etc) to get your voting code.

Fans are also able to get their hands on 11 votes instead of 3 when they purchased the CD for IDR 35,000 (350 yen). This voting method was available only for a week from 16th March to 23rd March.

The unbelievably fluctuating results from 1st to 2nd preliminary makes JKT sousenkyo sort of unpredictable. The final result might be as jaw-dropping as last year’s AKB48 Sousenkyo.

The possibility of a last-minute powervote from each member’s fanbase can’t be ruled out before the voting period’s deadline ( 22nd of April 2014 )

So who do you think will be on top in the final results?? Let us know your thoughts!