JKT48 6th Single Sousenkyo results, VIVA JKT48 update, new CM & more news

  May 17, 2014
JKT48 6th Single Senbatsu Members

After months of campaigning and voting, finally JKT48’s 1st ever sousenkyo -which results determined the senbatsu members for JKT48’s 6th single- has come to end.

Below are the complete results:

1Melody Nurramdhani LaksaniTeam J14541
2Jessica VerandaTeam J13285
3Haruka NakagawaTeam J13276
4Shania JunianathaTeam J12859
5Beby Chaesara AnadilaTeam J12015
6Nabilah Ratna Ayu AzaliaTeam J11872
7Rica LeyonaTeam J11732
8Devi Kinal PutriTeam J10031
9Ghaida FarisyaTeam J9044
10Viviyona AprianiTeam KIII8917
11Ratu Vienny FitrilyaTeam KIII7149
12Cindy YuviaTeam KIII6669
13ThaliaTeam KIII6290
14 Ayana ShahabTeam J6259
15Jennifer HannaTeam KIII5144
16Jessica VaniaTeam J4718

Official Video

Congrats for members who got chosen as one of the senbatsu members, can’t wait to see them perform the 6th single in the handshake event next week!

Updates to JKT48's first movie, VIVA JKT48


VIVA JKT48 movie will be released on the 5th June, 2014.
The latest poster can be seen above and official trailer is as follows (with English sub)

The movie tells the story about how the JKT48 theatre got taken over by Miss Bintang Kejora (Twinkle Star) who is jealous by JKT48 success. After taking over the theatre, she formed a rival group called BKT48. The JKT48 girls then with the help of fans tried to save the theatre.

KIII Diary Project

Since the end of February until middle of March, Team KIII members started a KIII diary project. This is a random short video project posted in G+ by each of Team KIII members which is quite funny to watch. Here’s the full compilation of all the episodes. ( Video is in Indonesian )