JKT48 overseas activities, 1st major award, Pajama Drive revival 2.0, new variety show and more

  August 3, 2014

JKT48 Thalia casted for a role in Bima Satria Garuda Season 2

JKT48 Thalia casted for a role in Bima Satria Garuda Season 2 JKT48 Thalia casted for a role in Bima Satria Garuda Season 2

Team KIII’s Thalia (Tata) succeed on passing the audition and will be the new cast member in second season of Bima Satria Garuda, Indonesian Original Tokusatsu series. This confirmation was stated in the Bima Satria Garuda X (the title of the second season) at MNC Tower in 25th June 2014.

Tata will be potraying Ricca, a mysterious girl who works in the mysterious organization. She will join the series’ regular cast such as Christian Loho, Rayhan Febrian, Adhitya Alakatiri and Stella Cornelia (former JKT48 member).

Like the previous season, couple of JKT48 member will also be featured as cameo as well as Japanese Rock band flumpool who will be the singer for the ending theme.

In the first season, JKT48 member who were featured as a cameo are Haruka Nakagawa, Frieska Anastasia Laksani & Ghaida Farisya. The series premiere date is set on 7th September 2014 in RCTI. Here are the teaser of the second season (video in indonesian)

Chikano Rina's activities in Indonesia

JKT48 Chikano Rina's activities in Indonesia

It’s been two months since Chikariina come to Indonesia and she getting more actively involved in JKT48 activities. She closely attached to Haruka (understandable since she the only Japanese member she knows), with Melody (had a cooking session at Melody’s house in Bandung) and the Winarto Sisters (Stella & Sonia)

JKT48 Chikano Rina's activities in Indonesia JKT48 Chikano Rina's activities in Indonesia

She worked hard to catch up to her teammates by practicing and recording the “Seishun Girls” setlist

Chikano Rina   8 July

Finished Practicing. Today’s Seishun Girls & Beach Sandals ♪♪Tired\( ˆoˆ )/

Then she debuted at JKT48 teather as she took part in Team KIII charity event. She performed 5 songs – Kimi ni Hoshi ni Naru Made, Gingham Check, Lucky Seven, Yuuhi wo Miteiruka & Korogaru Ishi ni Nare

Chikano Rina   20 July

Thank’s For Today’s Charity Event. First Time performing at JKT48 theatre

She also made a debut in TV by appearing in Yupi Candy CM which features Team KIII + Melody & Nabilah (Video in Indonesian)

Last but not least, she also wants to participate in the newly announced Pajama Drive Revival for Junjou Shugi Unit Song, so she asked the fans to vote for her.

Chikano Rina   3 July

Hello.. I also participate in Pajama Drive Revival Show, hmm which unit do you think will suit me?

Junjou Shugi sounds like a fun unit to perform – what do you think?

Ghaida will take a short hiatus from JKT48 activities

Team J’s Ghaida Farisya will be taking a short break from JKT48 activities due to educational reason. She will attend a two months short course in Japan as a requirement for completing her studies.

Ghaida, who is currently studying Japanese literature at one of the university in Jakarta, will miss several JKT48 activities such as Pajama Drive Revival Show, JKT48 2nd theatre anniversary and a couple of out of town concerts. She told her fans about the planned hiatus on her G+

Ghaida Farisya   25 July

Good Day Everyone (´∀`)ノ, How’s your fasting going on today?

I want to share something (´∀`*)

I’m ecstatic that i’ll be able to experience college in Japan, although it’s short but i’m very very happy (o^^o)♪. Before going there, I went through so many tests that almost blew my head off, but for sake going to Japan, I’ll tackle any obstacles.

At first I think it’s impossible to go there since I have activities in JKT48, but fortunately the management supports me (´∀`), Yeay Happy. Annnddd I will be the only Junior that attends this program – my fellow trip mate all are seniors, I hope I’m not too far behind and can catch up with them.

I want to do a research why Japanese people love their country so much. The question that make me think besides in school, what other values they taught when they’re little? So much love, even the Hollywood movies are translated into Japanese (o^^o)♪ .

Importantly, I have my own mission to promote our beloved country Indonesia. Indonesia is a cool country, suitable for vacation whehehehe ヽ(*´∀`)ノ. I want to discuss so many things with them (≧∇≦)/ aahh can’t wait ヽ(*´∀`)ノ

But I’m sad knowing that I won’t participate for this year Pajama Drive Revival ( ;∀;), Missed those pajama so much hauhauhau. But make sure to vote for your favorite members, especially in Team J. C’moon let’s support team J ┌(┌^o^)┐

Ghaida is not the only JKT48 member who are going to graduate from university – Melody and Sendy are also in their last year of their respective studies. It’s interesting to see who will complete their studies first and became the 1st JKT48 member who have a bachelor degree!