Kawaei Rina is Heavy Rotation’s Center in her comeback stage!

  August 14, 2014
  • What a comeback!
  • As everyone knows, Kawaei Rina was on forced hiatus after the unfortunate event, and her comeback had been much anticipated by fans. And tonight, she was finally back on stage as a performer, as a singer… as a Center of Heavy Rotation!!
  • Heavy Rotation’s Center has a special place for every AKB48 fans
  • Her performance was very cheerful, full of positive energies.
  • After the show, Kawaei wrote on Google Plus:
  • I was given a chance to perform as Center of Heavy Rotation!

    Pfff, I got so tense! It’s so good to be alive!

    This’ll be a memory of a lifetime!

    Happy birthday, Miyazawa-san!

  • “This’ll be a memory of a lifetime!”

    No Ricchan. Thank you for coming back to perform and showcase your amazing talents for us all to see. As a fan, and as a person, I have nothing but respect and passion for you!

  • What a Twintail!
  • Judging from today’s performance, it’s fair to say that her body allows to her to be ready to blast off at coming Tokyo-dome concerts?
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