SNH48 – Breaking The Ice, Xu ChenChen (徐晨辰)

  August 16, 2014
  • Hey everyone!

    This is StylishGoldPen, a writer for AKB48 Wrap Up. I’ll be writing many different articles so yoroshiku onegaishimasu!

    This particular article series that I’m starting off is the Breaking The Ice series. Through the articles in this series, I hope that you will be able to know many other girls in the group, especially girls from the overseas groups. Hopefully this would “break the ice” and who knows, maybe one of them could even be your oshi.

    I’ll be starting off with SNH48 Xu ChenChen whom I feel deserves more recognition. So who is this Xu ChenChen?

  • Xu ChenChen is in SNH48 Team SII and is part of the first generation of SNH48. Being 24 years old, she is currently the oldest SNH48 member. Nicknamed CC, her specialties are in painting, graphic design and singing.

    In the latest SNH48 Sousenkyo, she ranked at 16th with 5344 votes, nearly dropping out from the lineup for the single 《UZA》. She has certain qualities which I would like to point out which led me to think that she should have ranked higher.

    Sometimes even specialties like painting can be quite vague and artistic skills differ from person to person but I’ll let you be the judge of whether she actually has talent in painting.

  • That Fairy Tail mark!
  • Her singing skills are really phenomenal and have captivated many people. When she opens her voice, it is like she herself is an original singer and is able to convey emotions through the song very well. So well that even her fellow members who heard it let out tears backstage. The best singer in SNH48.

    This is the video, english subbed, for the song 《流着泪微笑》(As Tears Flowed, I Smiled) which Xu ChenChen sang at SNH48 Hongbai Gehui. It is the chinese rendition of Nakinagara Hohoende.

  • Still can’t get enough of her singing? This youtube video is a compilation of the covers that she posts on her Weibo. Credits to cozy19700701 who compiled and uploaded this on youtube.
  • The next video is English subbed by The 48 Tea Party and its a SNH48 Special which tells her story. Her dreams of becoming a singer one day.
  • Despite all that has happened, I hope that she would be able to climb higher and higher and hopefully be able to record a single one day.

    From now on, please take note of her!