AKB48WrapUp’s “Vote for My Oshi!” Campaign

  April 10, 2015

AKB48WrapUp's Vote for My Oshi! Campaign - Iwatate Saho

Won’t you vote for me? Fufufu (o^ ^o)

Vote for My Oshi! Campaign

Now that we’re in the period leading to the Sousenkyo, if you’re a member of a fanbase of a certain member, you’ll probably be campaigning like crazy to get extra votes for your oshi.

FYI – the Japanese fans has a proper word for this – Sentai ( Senkyo Taisaku / 選挙対策 – which literally means Election Campaign Strategy Board ).

We at WrapUp think that it’s probably a good idea to open ourselves for article submissions with contents pertaining to a member and why you think swing voters should use up their spare votes on her.

For example, if your goal is to get people to vote for Iwatate Saho, the body content / topic of your article can be a Top 10 Reasons why Burikko charas should be allowed in Kami 7 or something of the sorts 😉

The content of the article should be AS NEUTRAL / UNBIASED AS POSSIBLE ( we do understand people can’t help being biased when it comes to oshis ) but there is a line that I’m pretty sure you guys know not to cross.

Also this goes without saying – but try to keep it as interesting as possible – people won’t spend 3 – 4 minutes of their time reading an article telling them what to do. You have to make them feel like they WANT to do it!

If you have already written this content somewhere else, it’s ok to just give me the original URL and I’ll post it as the source at the bottom of the article.

Format of the submission is preferably a Word Document not longer than 1000 characters ( nobody wants to read an essay! ) and it’s very recommended that you use pictures/images and/or videos to spice things up.

If we receive double or more submissions for the same member, we will try to open up a conversation line between the submitters so they can collaborate to create one ultimate article.

I want to submit an article! What should I do?

Submissions should be directed to: submissions [at] akb48wrapup.com with the subject beginning with [ Vote for my Oshi! Campaign ] – any questions or suggestions, feel free to write them in the comments section below, or mention us in Twitter on @akb48wrapup or @crescentsaber – or if you prefer Facebook, you can send a message to our Facebook page with the Document attached!

We’ll be looking forward to reading your stuff!