Kashiwagi Yuki fans show their support upon her return to Twitter after Bunshun published her scandal

  June 17, 2015

AKB48 fandom, especially fans of Kashiwagi Yuki, were severely shocked by the news of her dating scandal with Johnny’s famous womanizer Tegoshi Yuya of NEWS.

Colour photos re: the scandal report by Shukan Bunshun involving Kashiwagi Yuki and NEWS’ Tegoshi Yuuya have surfaced…

Posted by Akb48WrapUp on Thursday, 11 June 2015

Kashiwagi went silent on social media shortly before the news came out and stayed so for around a week, leaving her loyal fans worried.

So when she tweeted in the morning on Tuesday, fans rejoiced and sent her hundreds of supportive tweets.

Good morning everyone!

Today I’m going to join filming for TV show “Tabi Shojo”. See you later.

“Welcome back!” one fans tweeted to her.

“Stay strong~!!” another wrote. “I’m so glad you’re fine.” added another fan.

“I’m sooooo looking forward to the episode!” another wrote.

AKB48 fans on 2ch (Reddit equivalent in Japan) weigh in on Kashiwagi Yuki’s dating scandal

But while fans are trying their best to avoid the touchy subject that is the scandal, folks on online forums are blatantly talking about the alleged affair:

“These fans that are defending/supporting her is encouraging the girls and organization behind them to believe that it’s ok to ignore scandals, and by doing so, AKB48 is increasingly becoming a group where hard work won’t pay off — something completely different from what Takamina wants it to be.”

“Why on earth are they supporting her?”

Some think fantasizing and actually expecting 20-something real-life woman to be romantically uncommitted to anyone but her fans is unrealistic (even for an idol fan like himself/herself).

“If she was a minor, I’d totally understand that some fans would be upset, but come on she’s a grown-up, let her have a life…”

The photo of Kashiwagi and Tegoshi embracing was taken about a year and a half ago in winter resort town Naeba and Hakone onsen. As rumor has it that they already broke up, some are interested in a context in which they were meeting in the same hotel room, and if it was a fling or more of a long-term dating thing.

“They’re giving their blessing to her so her relationship with Tegoshi lasts, not ends with him giving the kiss-off like he did with so many girls.”

“There’re two types of motivations for them to support her. First one is a sense of emergency that their object of admiration might be gone. The second is a desire to leave an impression on her by proving her that they’re notfair-weather fans.”

And some went more in-depth.

“No matter how much fans press for an explanation for Bunshun’s article, I think they’d never provide one. Like AkiP said, what once started as an ingredient to spice things up has become quite a pain in the ass for the group as the cost of backlash is outweighing the benefits of exposure. Looking back from now, all the punishments given to girls that violated the rule were nothing but reality-show method to build loyalty and a cult following around AKB48.”

“Only way for fans to protest is not to support her i.e. not to vote for her in Sosenkyo. The real punishment is her rank in Sosenkyo next year.”

And a certain girl gets lucky with getting unexpected attention for unknowingly posting a first twosome selfie (?) of Yukirin since her scandal broke.


“I’ve never seen the girl on the right side before. Is she Rena Nozawa, a returnee from JKT48? This Rena is cute as well! Kinda funny that she seems to be totally disconnected with what’s happening in the group to which she belongs.”

I believe this is what Mayu and Yukirin talked during the filming…

Yukirin: “Let me explain about the photos.”

Mayu: “Ew… what?”

Yukirin: “But wait, can you explain me about your instagram first?”

Mayu: “Oh come on!”

Some are on spot… kinda???

Rena’s graduation announcement is used to divert attention…