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SNH48 Team NII New Stage ! (and many more SNH48’s News)


SNH48 Team NII’s new setlist will be Saka Gari 《逆流而上》 (AKB48 Team K 5th Stage). Its shonichi was on April 25th, 2014. SETLIST: M00. Overture M01. Tenohira / Zhang (掌)

SNH48’s 1st Album “Mae Shika Mukanee”, SNH48 2.5 Generation? (and some SNH48 activity)


SNH48 will release their 1st Album entitled Yixin XingQing (一心向前) (translates to Mae Shika Mukanee). There will be 2 types available for the fans to purchase: 1. Normal Edition Tracklist: Mae

SNH48’s Gingham Check MV, the girls’ prayers for missing MH370 and other SNH48 news


SNH48 shooting for their new MV. Yes! It’s Gingham Check (黑白格子裙) MV!! Gingham Check is a coupling song from SNH48’s 4th EP, Heart Electric. Member Zhao Jiamin doesn’t seem to

SNH48 will release their 4th single, Heart Eleki (& more SNH48 news)


This March SNH48 will release Heart Ereki (心电感应) as their 4th EP (Extended Playlist/Single) – priced at 78元. The exact date of release has yet to be announced. 1. Heart

Yang YaRu and Wang JiaLu (Team NII) left SNH48


SNH48 Team NII members: Yang Yaru (杨雅如) and Wang Jialu (王佳路) have recently decided to left the group. Their reason for leaving were a bit vague, mainly because due of