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Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

AKB48 Tano Yuka flashes her rock solid abs during ANN broadcast

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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Jo Eriko re-debuts as an actress in afternoon drama titled Ao no Umi – Long summer.


After several months of Jo Eriko’s come back, she will make her re-debut as an actress on late June 2014. She  will take a young lead role in Ao no

Why these NMB48 members rank in 37th single Sousenkyo preliminary result and who should have ranked?


NMB48 Theater Manager – Kaneko Takeshi- apologizes for the low amount of members that are ranked this year as part of his responsibility. In response to Mr.Kaneko Takeshi’s speech about

NMB48 Joe Eriko Graduation Performance, team N members made surprise appearances


” Joe-chan hasn't joined theater performances after she announced graduation… ” Unlike Sashihara's case, Akimoto doesn't have the nerve to come to watch Joe's graduation Stage…. ” Please…. AkiP please

SKE48 Matsui Jurina "I don't dislike Shinoda-san, but I'm not compatible with her" and 2 more!


how to get back with your ex boyfriend when you broke up with him Q. who were staying at a room next to your room at the resort hotel? →Person who you

Footage of Joe Eriko’s graduation announcement


  Transcript: NMB48 team M member Joe Eriko announces her graduation “ “Ooooooiiiiii!!!” “What the hell!?!!?!?” LOL’d “ ↑But it’s understandable that they couldn’t help but shout…. “  Whatever people may

NMB48 team M member Joe Eriko announces her graduation


. Members reactions (as of 10:30pm JST on Sep 3)

NMB’s new single’s coupling ”Mousou Girlfriend”, MV will be released tomorrow (Video: NMB Live concert at Nicofarre)


NMB’s upcoming 5th single’s coupling “Mousou Girlfriend” (go on sale on Aug 8) will be featured in MinMinDaha’s commercial which starts airing from tomorrow, July 3rd.  MV of the song

What does AkiP feel about AKB48 without Maeda and Sashihara


“It would be something he can’t be interested in at all….“Why Oshima and Kashiwagi is so poorly treated by AkiP (compared to original members and Sassy)?“Why you name Kashiwagi instead

Fans Impression of AX 2012 DVD and Wish for AX 2013


Amazon.jp 1 ヘビーローテーション Heavy Rotation 17694 2 Everyday、カチューシャ Everyday Cachucha 14152 3 孤独なランナー Kodoku na runner 13548 4 フライングゲット Flying Get 13352 5 チームB推し Team B Oshi 11389 6 愛しきナターシャ

Rena officially announced the transfer to Grick


Rena went to Osaka to meet the former member of SKE48 Mai Imade Rena on G+ I went to Osaka to meet my angel there!! Sweet ginger water is actually Hiyashiame. (http://kyotofoodie.com/issen-yoshoku-the-origins-of-western-food-in-japan/)

TGSK: Next Ace will be from ‘After 8gen’


TGSK Next Ace will be from “after 8gen” Note: “After 8gen” means 9-13gen in this context TGSK “My personal feeling is that candidates for Next Ace are in “After 8gen”.

AKB48 Dominates The Photobook Sales Ranking for First Half of 2012 (and 3 other stories about NMB and Rena)


Acchan fans are pleased as they saw the news which says her photobook “Bukiyo (Clumsy)” ranked No.1 in the Oricon photobook sales raking for the first half of 2012. (After

Pictures: Manatsu no Sounds Good! In Music Japan


Jurina is rumored to make her debut in team K on 1st June at AKB theater Here are captured images of AKB48‘s performance of Manatsu no Sounds Good! tonight in the broadcasting

Manatsu No Sounds Good! Performed By Media Senbatsu In TV Show Kayoukyoku


AKB48‘s 26th single Manatsu no Sounds Good! will be released today on 23th May. One night away from the release, for TV show Kayoukyoku Senbatsu members of for the single performed

Which Will Be The Next Center of AKB48, Paruru or Mayuyu or ‘No Name’?


Which will be the next center of AKB48? Of course it’s not necessarily to be a fixed position unlike AKB48 in past over 6 years that Acchan has been indisputable Ace for

Mariko’s Wish For Acchan’s Graduation (and 2 other stories)


So why many people including me love Mariko? This tweet may explain why… 篠田麻里子@mariko_dayo 東京ドームの次の日の公演か…。 出来るだけ皆入れるといいな、身勝手だけどあの子の門出を祝ってくれる人皆入れるといいな。 2012 5月 17 返信 リツイート お気に入りに登録 “Revue (at AKB theater) after Tokyo dome concert….. I

Full MV of NMB’s Upcoming Summer Single Dropped!!!


Following their previous singles, Zeetai Kurokami Syoujo, OMG! and Zyunjo U-19, all are ranked No.1 in Oricon weekly chart, their highly-anticipated 4th single will go on sale 2th May!! 3