How to vote in 2015 AKB48’s 41st Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo

“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Real-life Sexy Loli Mukaichi Mion stole the show at Tv-Tokyo Ongaku-Sai…! (probly NSFW)

Hilarious Collection of Nogizaka46 Nishino Nanase’s ‘Jojo-style’ Music Station entry

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Takahashi Juri’s Sentaisai, Surprise Birthday Cake present by Kawaei Rina and one more!


. Today’s was Seitansai for my 15th birthday! It was great♥ I love you Kawaei-san! JuRicchan★ .

Sashihara Rino 2nd single contains Hirosue Ryoko's ever green number MK5 and one more


↓ ” Ariyoshi Kyowakoku… they've been removed from the list of programs that will end in 2012 ” That's what I've been saying. The same thing happened last time, too.

Sashihara Rino wrote Lyrics for the 2 coupling songs to her 2nd Single Ikujinashi no Masquerade


HKT48 Sashihara Rino deprived of the center position by her junior for her 2nd single “Ikujinashi Masquerade”. It's planned that she will release the single n Oct 17th under the

Ikujinashi no Masquerade, Single Cover artwork Revealed and LOL'd!


” LOL “Maji de Koi suru 5 byoumae” … This is Hirosue's song! ” LOL'd at the photo for members introduction… ” Oh! This is gonna be a theme

Ikujinashi Masquerade by Sashihara Rino & ANRIRE unveiled LOL!

7 ” Sassy, Annin, Kawaei, Katorena! ” Ikujinashi Masquerade ” Wait…. I can only see Ricchan LOL ” LOL'd at Kawaei as Center~ ” Come on! It looks like Ricchan

Tea Room Tane, Cafe run by Minegishi Minami's parents is looking for a part timer! And 3 more!


. ” LOL Cute. My heart pounding…..♥ ” It doesn't matter. He will soon be full of sweat. ” Don't worry. Fat guys are able to get warm quickly. Source?

Kobayashi Marina shared Oshiri Tomato photo on Google Plus and one more about AN・RI・RE


” ” Definitely AN・RI・RE Probably they’re going to make an official anouce soon? ” The 3 make a perfect combo! They will certainly become Hit! ” Almost certainly Kato and

Iriyama Anna goes cray cray and 3 more about Annin’s bangs, Renacchi and Sato Seira


” …. Clearly concert venue limited edition is better than one that we can get from book stores. ” Her Shokkaku (antenna) is in the best condition. Nothing I could

New Unit of AKB48 “Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE”


” AN = Iriyama Anna RI = Kawaei Rina RE = Kato Rena ” So AN・RI・RE stnads for Iriyama Anna, Kawaei Rina and Kato Rena, right? Recently they’ve been close

Team 4 girls help you overcome loss of appetite from summer lethargy!


Mariyagi RanRan  Haruu  Minarun  Ichikawa Miori aka Fresh Lemon Annin  Renacchi  Ricchan  Tanochan  Paruru  Juri MiyuMiyu Karen Abemari

Sashiko on Anime Sazae-san in FNS 27hour TV (and 4other stories on Renacchi’s Seitansai, Pachinko event, August single and Matsui Sakiko)


Sashihara Rino will appear in Anime Sazae-san(サザエさん) as a voice actress in FNS 27hour TV(will be aired on 22th from 6:30PM) Impressed Tamori-san!! Sashiko on Sazae-san!! Sashiko is also excited! 

5 new members from team 4 to appear in the movie adaptation of ”Shiritsu Bakaleya Koukou”


Casts for the movie adaptation of the Drama “Shiritsu Bakaleya koukou” has announced. From Janny’s Junior, members of Snow Man, (Skip), and from AKB48, team 4 members, Kato Rena, Takeuchi

AKB Murder case – Takamina and Miichan make testimonies!


From Mantan web, It’s announced Ezaki Grico features members of AKB48 in it’s new commercial for Aisu no Mi. The  story of the commercial revolves around the murder of one member, where all members are considered  suspects. The

Acchan To Become Detective for this year’s Aisu no Mi commercial (and another topic on Karen-chan)


Detective Acchan for the TV Ad of Aisu no Mi  “Pre-release of scenes from the latest commercial for Aisu no Mi. Maeda Atsuko has actually transformed into Detective after announced

Karen and Renacchi get Unfairly Strong Promotion from Management?


  “Because of huge support for Renacchi and Iwata from Management, popular members, Kawaei and Juri have become alienated” “Kawaei and Juri have enjoyed huge popularity as young members of team

Mariko Shinoda Shares Behind The Scenes Shots Of Manatsu no Sounds Good!


As she announced earlier, Otagrapher Mariko Shinoda shared photos she took during the filming of MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good! While some of photos seems to be taken through “girl’s eyes”, some

After Music Station: What Media Senbatsu Members Thought?


Media Senbatsu members for Manatsu no Sounds Good! starred this week’s episode of TV music show Music Station on Friday. As this show is showcasing the stars of Japanese music