[ Light Post ] AKB48 members Graduation Album Pictures from the past! Can you recognize all of them?

Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

Kawaii ha Seigi

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[WrapUp Post] Paruru’s First Photobook, 48 Hours Terebi, and 2 more!


Recently there has been a rumor about Paruru’s new photo book that will be released on 19th of July. The rumor might be true, due to the never-seen-photo before and

SKE48 announces 2013 Spring Solo Concert in Nagoya, The Last Stage for the 9 graduating members


Photo: Former SKE48 theater manager Yuasa, announced the spring concert will be the last stage for the 9 members graduate in this spring SKE48, a sister group of AKB48, based

Kobayashi Marina shared Oshiri Tomato photo on Google Plus and one more about AN・RI・RE


” ” Definitely AN・RI・RE Probably they’re going to make an official anouce soon? ” The 3 make a perfect combo! They will certainly become Hit! ” Almost certainly Kato and

SKE48 Furuhata Nao has become 2nd most popular member in team E soon after promotion


“10th Single “Kiss datte Hidarikiki, Theaer Version Sales” “Soon after promotion….? Awesome… “She sells unusually a lot.I guess she will be competing for the no.3 position of SKE in 2

Why Couldn’t Team 4 Stop SKE48’s Big Breakthrough?


1 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木) 11:55:44.47 ID:zOjhScyN0 After all, would Team 4 even exist if it wasn’t thanks to AkiP’s mercy?? 2 :明智光秀 ◆jLh6gHUZvc :2012/05/31(木) 11:56:13.95 ID:CXm4eXTUI It’s because AkiP loves Jurina…. lol 3 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木)

Why Does Haruna Kojima Look so Happy when Dancing?


1 :名無しさん@実況は禁止です:2012/05/31(木) 12:03:54.12 ID:2WhVRQqn0 When she dances, she is like “THE IDOL”!Though she looks dull off stage, she starts exuding the aura of idol once she is on the stage…This

2 Shot Photos Go Beyond Groups’ Borders


Mayuyu and NMB’s Hall of fame Cosplayer Momoka Kinoshita  J (SKE) and Milky (NMB)  Kinchan (Shiori Kaneko of SKE) and Maachun (Mayu Ogasawara of NMB)  Airi Furukawa (SKE) and Momoka