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AKB48 members’ cute GIF animation collection!

Kawaii ha Seigi

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

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Count Down TV’s Camera Work was 神!!!


“ I want staffs of other TV programs to learn from them!!! “ It was really nice!! “It was like something from 20 years ago.“Certainly it looked like old or orthodox

Manatsu no Sounds Good! Breaks AKB48’s Own Record, Selling Over 1.6 Million for the Release Week


AKB’s 26th Single Manatsu no Sounds Good! sold over 1.6 million for the first week, making AKB48 tops Oricon weekly chart with 13 consecutive single releases, according to Oricon. The sales of Manatsu

Pictures: Manatsu no Sounds Good! In Music Japan


Jurina is rumored to make her debut in team K on 1st June at AKB theater Here are captured images of AKB48‘s performance of Manatsu no Sounds Good! tonight in the broadcasting

Sales of Manatsu no SG! Exceeded First-Week Sales of Everyday Cachucha Only 2days After Its Release!


While AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo has stolen all eyes of AKB48 fans since it’s kick start on 22th May, the other ongoing battle, AKB no GachiUma has delivered another

Manatsu No Sounds Good! Shipped Record-breaking Over 2 Million Copies For The First Day


AKB48‘s 26th single Manatsu no Sounds Good! has shipped over 2 million copies already, it’s announced today. When it comes to singles, The largest shipping number for the first day in the

Manatsu No Sounds Good! Performed By Media Senbatsu In TV Show Kayoukyoku


AKB48‘s 26th single Manatsu no Sounds Good! will be released today on 23th May. One night away from the release, for TV show Kayoukyoku Senbatsu members of for the single performed

Things We Thought After Watching MV of Manatsu no SOUNDS GOOD!


“Tune is nice, but I can’t get what they want to trying to tell in the Drama portion!!”I think that’s the most people’s impression after watched Manatsu no Sounds Good!

Parallel Story? AKB0048 and Manatsu no Sounds Good!


AKB0048 is not a light Anime. The story of this Anime is based on current theme of AKB as a group, generation change, and if you already know the concept

Most Of Japanese People Don’t Know AKB’s Next Faces On Type-B


As Album photos for AKB’s 26th single explicitly show “Survivor(officially called mamoru mono)” and those who got “Strong Support(officially called semeru mono)” from management, some of veteran members of AKB

Team B Ranked Bottom – Theatre Version’s Sales of Manatsu No Sounds Good!


According to two channel, in which some fans are closely reporting a current result of the sales of theatre version of Manatsu no Sounds good!, team B lags behind the

Mayuyu’s Choreo Is Not A Mistake! Director Answered


After the release of MV for Manatsu no Soounds Good!, all eyes are on Mayuyu and people found there’s something strange in Mayuyu’s choreo. Above image is the scene people

Mayuyu Appeared Longest in MV of Manatsu no Sounds Good!


Japanese TV show “Akko ni Omakase” analysed how long each members appeared in the MV of Manatsu no Sound Good! In about 7 minutes long MV, top-5 members of the longest appearance

What do you think about “Manatsu No Sounds Good” ‘s PV?


Tune is nice, but I don’t get what they are trying to tell in the video. First time to read about “Manatsu no Sounds Good!”? You probably had better check

AKB’s Hierarchy Shown in Pictures for ‘Manatsu no Sounds Good!’


As already I wrote, AKB’s next and theri 26th single is clearly introducing the coming Generation Change of AKB48. This may be the first time “Semeru monotachi (chasers)” and “Mamoru

Who is Renacchi (Rena Kato)? Introduction to the cutest new face of AKB48


The moon is so beautiful… After the abbouncement of Media Senbatsu for the new single “Manatsu no Sounds Good” and it’s album cover for type-B, I noticed one member I

Album Cover and MV for AKB48’s 26th Single ‘Manatsu no Sounds Good’ Dropped!


Type-A (LE) – “Mamoru mono” (from left – Kojiharu, Mariko, Yuko, Acchan, Takamina, Yukirin, Tomochin) MV and  Album Cover Photo for AKB48’s 26th “Manatsu no Sounds Good!” (on sale 23th

Song and Member Lists of AKB48 26th Single


Note: First-Edition (comes with Shake-Hand Event) have already been sold out in all online stores. There may be a chance at small un-known stores but must be very low.Any editions