AKB48’s 41st Single “Halloween Night” first public performance at Music Day 2015

Total Result of each 48 group wota’s opinions on the upcoming AKB48 Grand Reformation

Miyawaki Sakura (HKT48/AKB48) will be starring in Majisuka Gakuen 5 – accidental leak by Playboy magazine?

Kawaii ha Seigi

Archive for Matsui Sakiko (松井咲子) by AKB48WrapUp  •  Matsui Sakiko (松井咲子) 

48G WrapUp: AKB48 SHOW! screencaps of Grand Reformation announcement, Graduations, Nyanyanya? Nyanya! (and many more)


Before we begin… CONGRATULATIONS FOR THE 100 MILLION HITS ON HEAVY ROTATION! It also went on to be Yahoo! News Headlines and Oricon News, being the FIRST ever Japanese video

Kyowakoku Highlights: Iwata Karen’s famous relatives, Oshima Ryoka’s smelly feet


On a recent episode of Ariyoshi AKB Kyowakoku aired 20 January, the guests were Matsui Sakiko Iriyama Anna, Iwata Karen, Oshima Ryoka. As this was a Radio Kyowakoku episode, there

Iwata Karen’s prank scared the heck out of her senpais ( and other members! )


New project! 「 Let’s prank call other members, LOL! 」 I watched R no Housouku… and I thought that I’ll try this! Look forward to the results! ( ^ω^ )

Yokoyama Yui is Team A’s New Captain! Members’ thoughts & pictures from Shinoda Mariko’s graduation at Fukuoka Yahoo Dome


Sunday, 21st of July 2013 marked the calendar as one of the saddest days in the 48 Group history as 1.5 generation member Shinoda Mariko officially had her Graduation Ceremony

JKT48 Rena Nozawa (野澤玲奈) is now listed under Team Mitei on AKB48’s Official Website


The AKB48 Official Website has updated its “Members Section” to include the recently announced concurrent member, JKT48 Team J’s Rena Nozawa. Mitei (未定) in itself literally means “not yet fixed;

Matsui Sakiko achieved a remarkable accomplishment with her debut piano album


Official website: Matsui Sakiko – Kokyu suru Piano ” Tremendous Harukyan effect!! ” Congratulation Shisho!!! Once again, AKB has made history!!! ” Though I have nothing against Sakiko-san, this CD

AKB members got hurt by harsh words from female Morning Musume fan and one more!


Seven Eleven's Christmas goods catalog has AR marker beside each item. When you pass your smartphone over the marker, AKB48 member, who is preparing for Christmas pop out in the screen and start

Matsui Sakiko to hold Solo Mini Live and HS Event to commemorate the release of “呼吸するピアノ”


http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=or8kz4ynTqQ CD + DVD ver. designed by Sato Natsuki CD only ver. designed by Ishida Haruka  Related post: Matsui Sakiko’s piano solo instrumental album to be released in October

Matsui Sakiko’s piano solo instrumental album to be released in October


It has been officially announced that the solo debut piano solo album of Matsui Sakiko from AKB48 team K – The title of the album still untitled – will be

Aiso no Mi – AKB48 Murder Case FILE-2


AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko’s Admiration at Oshima Yuko’s Voluptuous Cleavage with the words “They sure are big…” The members of the popular idol group AKB48 have become the suspects of a murder

Team K’s Okinawa Concert


ItanoTomomi ✔ @tomo_coco73 Once I took a photo with Oshima it was backlit.(lol) pic.twitter.com/RigGkbH7 2012 7月 22 返信 リツイート お気に入りに登録 Increasing to reveal more details… I would’ve been so grateful if

Overseas AKB Ota appeared on Japanese TV (and 2other stories on Matsui Sakiko and Sashiko)


“What the heck is this foreigner…. I LOL’d (note: “Gaijin” said in not offensive tone) “おっおん・・・“ Tano Yuka: “Hilary’s catchphrase!?!?”Tano Yuka: “Awesome, Rina!!”Tano Yuka: “Oshimen is Rina!!”Tano Yuka: “How awesome Rina

Sashiko on Anime Sazae-san in FNS 27hour TV (and 4other stories on Renacchi’s Seitansai, Pachinko event, August single and Matsui Sakiko)


Sashihara Rino will appear in Anime Sazae-san(サザエさん) as a voice actress in FNS 27hour TV(will be aired on 22th from 6:30PM) Impressed Tamori-san!! Sashiko on Sazae-san!! Sashiko is also excited!http://sankei.jp.msn.com/entertainments/news/120712/ent12071218580014-n1.htm 

New Cup Noodle CMs (‘REAL’ Season 2) [Updated]


On the Google+ page of NISSIN’s Cup Noodle there have been posts recently on a new Cup noodle CM. With links to unlisted YouTube videos (on the AKB48 channel). 【Prior

Shizuka Ohya wrote the song ‘ChapuChapu’


ChapuChapu Ryuta Takeda (Staff of TV show Ariyoshi Kyowakoku) I would rather like to keep this a secret….But…. actually I ate Japache (Korean dish, which pronounced “Chapuche” in Japanese) just

AKB48 – General Election ‘Future Girls’ Speeches


(Note: I, Wingom, used first name then last name)This was originally from my blog http://wingom.livejournal.com/9854.html (but this version is slightly newer)Source for images :http://nikkan-spa.jp/227862FUTURE GIRLS (64th to 49th) 64th – Mika Komori

Harukyan has admired Acchan since so long (and 3 other stories on Mittsu’s amazing drawing, Haachan’s latest art piece and Shishou’s Solo Commercial for Cupnoodle)


Guess who Harukyan is looking at Shihori Suziki on G+ Danna’s back←So let’s do caption contest!!♡ “Oh this is gonna be an interesting contest!!“Can’s back figure is co cute….“ Haruka