Top 10 Most Erotic AKB48 members

[ Light Post ] AKB48 members Graduation Album Pictures from the past! Can you recognize all of them?

Sashihara Rino says her heart aches reading Miyawaki Sakura’s 1st photobook ‘Sakura’

Core idol wota/plastic surgeon Takasu announced most sought-after celebrity faces, Paruru is atop the ranking!

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SKE WrapUp: Jurina’s double Seitansai stage schedule, Rena’s risque statement and more


On March 8, Matsui Jurina will be having the first ever double seitansai (Birthday stage) in one day in 48 Family, with the first one in noon stage of Team

SKE48 Satou Seira and Mukaida Manatsu announced their graduation


At the end of SKE48’s Team S stage today (17th January 2014), Satou Seira and Mukaida Manatsu announced their graduation. This is the excerpt of their Graduation Announcement as translated

Take a sneak peak at SKE48’s performance and Swimsuit show at Mihama-city Oceanside Festival


About 2 week ago from now, Shinoda Mariko graduated AKB48 ToT, and we all miss bunch of beautiful photos of members she captured and shared with us on her blog

[ AKB48 4th Janken Tournament 2013 ] SKE48 Preliminary Round Result


The Janken Preliminary has begun! The preliminary round for SKE48 for the AKB48 4th Janken Tournament has just finished. The Research Student round was held on July 2nd 2013 while

JKT48 Nakagawa Haruka, SKE48 Sato Seira won’t run for the election this year


There have been variety of reactions from members regarding to this year’s election system, where one must publicly declare their will to participate in the election battle in order to

After Sato Seira’s comment on her SKE official blog, Ohya Masana updated her blog 14 times


” Masana is storming around on the official blog lol ” ↑I think she minded what Seira wrote yesterday lol ” ↑ You mean this blog post of Seira from

Furukawa Airi will guest the Anime TV show as JoJo's Bizarre Adventure Ota and 2 more!


.  . . ” I couldn't help but save this photo…. ” Say, Yamamoto, Yamada, Yagura, and Watanabe… NMB members have such Ero girls… ” ↑ Please include Riichan in the

Sato Seira is enjoying excellent days!! and one more about newborn team S at AKB48 Theater


. ” As always, Nannan is so wet…. LOL ” What a godly shot!! ” I just left the lobby. Members who filled vacant positions are, Onnanoko no Dairokkan Rumi

Takahashi Minami made the first appearance in BBQ's Ichikomeda and 3 more!


. ” Guys!! I saw this on the newspaper!! Oct 9th's issur of FLASH ■Content: (Gravure?) Sato Seira ” I LOL'd. I'm actually surprised that 2ch can be a solid

HKT48 Sashihara Rino eats grasses in new TV ad, and 2 more about IWA and Sato Seira


” Look at this!! Bokujo-hen (Stock Farm ver.) has been added!!! ” Wowwwww One after another, again, she got new job, new Bigger job…. What was that Sashihara Scandal in

Sato Seira owned Google Trend by her awesomely toned body and wonderful boobs!


The increase of the number Google Plus of followers (9/18) Google Trend in Japan 9/19

Who’s your favorite cosplayer? and I want to bury my face between Seira’s boobs!


” Simple is the best… ” I guess because they couldn’t broadcast this on ground-wave, they deliberately made her lose… ” This is sooooo sick! Come on….. is there any

Real Team Gravure Of SKE, Seira Satoh Again Threw A Big Bomb Onto G+


Team KII’s Seira Satoh again uploaded a photo captured her stunning sexy body! Seira Satoh (佐藤聖羅) G+ “I happened to find that this flower bikini suits me!!It took 3 hours

Nogizaka46 Named As Tourism Special Envoy for Oita-City After Sashiko, Making of HTC Commercial


Oita-city, where recently endorsed Sashiko (指原莉乃) for it’s tourism ambassador, named Nogizaka 46 as city’s tourism special envoy on 3th May. While Oita-city is the hometown of our idol Sashiko,

Sae Made Miscomment, Mariko Cheers Up Sashiko, etc.


AKB New flash brought you by AKB48WrapUp! Today’s first new is… Sae Miyazawa Made Miscomment   Sae( 宮澤佐江 ) on G+ “Yasusu-sensei! Happy birthday!\(^o^)/♥ Let’s go with full of energy!!\(^o^)/♥ And…