“XX!! Don’t stare at me!!” pictures of AKB48 Members

Watanabe Mayu: The safest and most trustworthy choice

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

Kawaii ha Seigi

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Watanabe Mayu is the first AKB48 member who officially declares her candidacy for 2013 32nd Single Senbatsu Election


Around 7:00 pm on March 31, AKB48 member Watanabe Mayu submitted her application to run for 2013 AKB48 32nd single General Election. As little fans expected Mayuyu would decide her

Summary of Member Comment toward 2nd Reforming of AKB [3/3]


“ Team B’s group photo after the 1st day of TokyoD concert. “ “News clip from Mezamashi, Medley in the late portion of the concert, Reforming of AKB“ Related article:

Anta Dare session, Akimoto’s Abs, NMB48 pranks, and more


“Here comes Yokozuna and Yukarin!!“ “I’m jealous of those able to watch this…“Noro is “Single” while CinDy is “(18)”… what is this lol“Ah, I saw Yukarin again after such a

Please educate me what Reformation/Sokaku in 2009~2010 was about?


“Was that such a huge event that they changed their teams? How did Tomochin or Miichan react to this reformation/Sokaku??“Before Togasaki appeared on the stage and started to announce the

This BBA called Urano Kazumi aka Cindy


“I think this BBA (Babaa: derogatory word for older women) is Kawaii.“Yeah.“ “ Wait…? What’s wrong with my eyes….??? She looks cute lol “ Urano Kazumi on G+ 15:04 Anybody~~~~~~(^o^)!!!!!!Is there anybody who

Typing ‘Cold’ Words from members and make Ice Cupnoodle!! (and 2 other topics on Mayuyu and Shiichan)


Typing lesson with AKB members “Let’s type “cold words” members throw at you and convert it into ice!!!And make IceCupnoodle with that ice!!! http://ice.cupnoodle.jp/typing/ How to play: Typed words will be converted

So now team A has two vacant positions….


Please join the conversation. I want to include your voices in this post. “Who will join team A???“Natsuki Kojima-chan…“Mitsumune…“I think Mitsumune will rise like a dragon….“LOL It’s no brainer!! No

Does your Oshi-men actually look like your ex-girlfriend?


I can reveal myself as an idol otaku. But it’s gross if I seemingly have a lingering affection for her. “Actually that’s how I have become AKB Ota….. lol“Masuda looks

Ota Featured in EP6 of AKB0048 (and 3 other stories about Yukirin, Paruru and Goma-chan)


AKB0048 (EP6) was damn funny “LOL You guys (Ota) are featured in AKB0048And fighting together with 0048 lol“LOL How awesome your guys’ power level in this Anime is!!!“So is this episode supposed to serve

Was the Biggest Surprise in AKB48 History Their Reformation(Sokaku)!?


“ Does everyone agree with this?? “ I think it’s Mai Oshima’s graduation….? Runner-up is gonna be Erena Ono’s graduation announcement. “How about Riko Yamaguchi (Rina Nakanishi)?“But wait….. Why don’t

Discussion: Should Mayuyu Graduate Watarioka Hashiritai7?


Honestly I don’t think Warota is a suitable group for present Mayuyu.Mayuyu herself is getting more and more beautiful while she is still in twin-tail hairstyle in Warota…But if Mayuyu

Harvesting Minegishi (and 3 other topic about Cindy vs Mayuyu, Golfer Suzuran and Mittsu)


After having tried to stop herself from harvesting Minegishi which has grown big enough again and again, KK finally harvest Minegishi to eat(?)!! Kana Kobayashi on G+ Because it received a lot of

Lyrics of Watarirouka Hashiritai7’s new Song Shimai Donburi may Draw Huge Criticism


The much anticipated lyrics for Shimai Domburi (: the word describes the situation of older sister and a younger sister having a  relationship with the same man (in a sexual way) Note: this

Common Things For Newbie AKB Fans


Guinness record of over 300 members with repertoire of more than 600 songs, AKB is not a soft world to step in for newbie fans. Everyone had a funny mistakes

Weird Choice of The Release Date for Watariroka Hashiritai7’s New Single Syonen Yo Uso o Tsuke


Until the official announce, everyone had worried about that there’s no proper timing to release Watarikoka Hashiritai’s (Warota) new single , it’s announced early in Apr that their 10th single

AKB Members Recognition Ranking


Through the group’s name, AKB48 is widely known to almost the entire population of Japan as well as their dedicated fans spread out through a number of countries. However, even

What If Takamina Sings Mayuyu’s Syncro Tokimeki


While Mayuyu is gradually going being recognized as a virtual center of AKB’s next chapter, residents of Japanese online communities are spinning their wild fancy for our dear leader Takamina. They