Guideline for Posting 

What we are trying to make here is aggregated news platform for AKB48 being created real-time. You can post the latest news of the group of AKB48, SKE48, NMB48, HKT48 and JKT48 etc , as well as discussions on fan forums. Sharing any of these information will be appreciated as long as it follows the rules listed below.

Read Before you post

  1. Only provide the latest information.
  2. Please check if what you’ve got has already been posted. Check for previous posts via tags, search or Google.
  3. Your post should have enough content without adding your own commentaries. For example, if you are to post members G+ post, unless it is long enough and newsworthy by itself, you should collect flow of conversation (not only reply-posts, but comments made by members as well). And 99.9% of the case, you should  do this as the definition of newsworthy post is to be a trigger of the wave of reactions.
  4. Don’t just post stuffs like “today’s my favorite G+ posts” or your favorite photos, videos collections with or without your commentary….  But you can post if it’s favorites of some chunk of fans not only you. Needless to say, you should carefully pick up comments from fans and include them in your post.
  5. We would love to hear what’s going on in fan forums as long as you can make a well edited post.

Read when you make posts

  1. You must provide a source by including a full and direct url.
  2. Don’t do any hotlinks. Upload all photos to WordPress. If the file size of your photo is too big, don’t forget reducing it.
  3. Include the article and picture(s) in your post…do not simply refer us off to another site for the goods.
  4. Try as much as possible to embed videos that are relevant to the content of your post.
  5. You may need to add short descriptions that help provide users information, but you don’t need to add your commentary in posts. Your unique personality will shine through your choice of source, not your own commentary.
  6. Do not skip Captions (Pic or Vid) that are originally included in your source. However, you may not add your own thoughts on your posts. You may post on the comment form to express your thoughts regarding the posts.
  7. When you put link, plz check “Open New Window//Tab” box.
  8. Add category to your posts. Categorizing your post to make it easier for members to find articles of their Oshimen.

After you’ve posted

  1. Show some love to fellow AKB Fans here by showing respect to their opinion and don’t comment with offensive words that might hurt the feelings of certain parties.
  2. Don’t reveal real names or personal details of ordinary people here.
  3. Make your best effort to ignore or keep calm if you’ve been personally attacked, but also try your best not to get easily offended by the comments.

– Unnecessary things include:

  1. No Introduction post needed. Your unique personality will be shown through your comments
  2. Spamming, such as posting stupid, unrelated articles over and over will get you banned from this website. The occasional kitty macro and funny, “related” picture is acceptable, but don’t bombard us with it.