AKB48 Members Surprise Spring Shuffle at Saitama Super Arena (03/26), Kawaei Rina’s Graduation Announcement

  March 26, 2015
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Kawaei Rina announced her Graduation

Kawaei Rina announced her Graduation


News clips re: Kawaei's Graduation

Kawaei ( presumably talking about the reason of her graduation )

( 00:00~ )
” ..and then there was that incident last year, that made me unable to attend Handshake events… ”

( 00:22~ )
” As someone who is in AKB48, ‘Handshake Event’ is an event that should be the utmost importance. But I couldn’t even attend handshake events… and from even now on, I don’t think that I will ever be able to. I wondered what I should do…

The people around me always said ‘You shouldn’t think about it too much‘, but I can’t help but always keep worrying / thinking about it…

Also, in spite of everything, at the moment I really want to do the things that I personally WANT to do, and push myself as hard as I can while doing so.

I really love acting, and I was given the opportunity to act in dramas… ”

( the newsclip got cut off here, but the announcer added that “from now on, she will be trying her luck in the path of being an actress )

Reactions to Kawaei's graduation announcement

Yokoyama Yui   26 Mar 2015 20:00

Yokoyama Yui Tweet

Kawaei graduates.

I’m sure this surprised a lot of people, but please rest assured and know that Kawaei decided this after a long period of thinking.

Both of us are chasing our dreams, we wouldn’t have met each other if we didn’t get into AKB.

It’s exactly because she’s a person that I love and treasure so much, I wish to be able to support her from now on.

I was so nervous even before the concert started (lol)

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Iriyama Anna   26 Mar 2015 18:50

Iriyama Anna Tweet


Otsukaresama. Daisuki.

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