The rise of unofficial subunits!

Why lots of people think AKB48 is a shame of Japan and why I think AKB48’s charm has no border

‘DOCUMENTARY of HKT48’ Movie Director Sashihara Rino fulfilled her Sosenkyo campaign promise to perform in bikini

Maeda Atsuko shares a time when she thought Takamina was too angry LOL

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SNH48 Applications Flood In!


AKB48’s International Sister Group “SNH48” had a Flood of Applications! Even a Chinese Fan Club Already Established SNH48Application Taking Starts!!! 26th July, 2012. The application taking for AKB48’s international sister

There is no 美少女(Bishojo) that is more translucent than Hata Sawako


“ Yeah, but she is at the age that she can’t be called Shojo(少女: a little girl) …. “ “ She kinda looks like Rena in the first photo….? “

SKE to start construction of their Exclusive theater from September. Full renovation will be done!


“So they won’t move to another place…“They just renovate a little…“During the renovation, they will travel to other venues inside and outside of Nagoya. TwitterSKE48’s theatre to be fully renovated

Before we knew it, they’ve launched SNH’s official website (and 2other topics)


Before we knew it, they launched SNH’s official website. “Before we knew it, they’ve launched SNH’s official website.“I think their balance between heads and bodies are kinda weird….?“Assan and

AKB’s performance for their new single “Gingham Check” got slammed


As you all know by now, AKB’s performance for their new song “Gingham Check” has drawn attention on online forums. They’ve been talking about the part of the performance where

Tanochan: Can you see the improvement of team 4 from our Stage performance?


“Tanochan, Team 4 member, who is highly valued by senior members for her performance and attitude,finally mentioned the poor quality of her team’s Stage performance. Tano YukaCan you see the

Tea Room Tane vs Fish preservea restaurant Isotarou


“So which one is more delicious?“According to Siichan, Isotaro = Sushiya“By any stretch of the imagination, it’s hard to imagine that Isotaro would lose to Tane.“I heard that when you

No featured image available for JKT48 in AEON Environmental Foundation Event

JKT48 in AEON Environmental Foundation Event


On July 15th 2012, JKT48 participated on a social activity held by AEON Environmental Foundation. The title of the event was Mangrove untuk Menghijaukan Bumi (Mangrove for a Green Earth).

Letters from Kitarie: RinoRie is and will be ”Da Real”


Kitarie’s Letter to Sasshihara Rino “ To Rino-chanI wanted to go there, I wanted to watch your performance in the theater, but because my job schedule wouldn’t allow me…. I’m

Aiso no Mi – AKB48 Murder Case FILE-2


AKB48’s Maeda Atsuko’s Admiration at Oshima Yuko’s Voluptuous Cleavage with the words “They sure are big…” The members of the popular idol group AKB48 have become the suspects of a murder

Sashihara’s Last AKB48 Theatre Performance – Send-Off Party


 Sashiko’s last AKB Theatre Performance! Charming us with a grand performance as the centre for ‘Heavy Rotation’ Sashihara Rino (19), being moved from AKB48 to HKT48, has performed at her

Team K’s Okinawa Concert


ItanoTomomi ✔ @tomo_coco73 Once I took a photo with Oshima it was backlit.(lol) 2012 7月 22 返信 リツイート お気に入りに登録 Increasing to reveal more details… I would’ve been so grateful if

Sashiko: Came Back for 1 Day Only as an AKB48 member


On the left it says “An Unfortunate Live with only 1 Person” Sashihara Rino (19), having been moved to HKT48, due to a relationship scandal, had on the 22nd, a

JKT members ”Ramadan is just around the corner! Let’s hang in there during Ramadhan!!” (and 1 other topic on Mayuyu and Harukyan)


Ishida Haruka Today we joined 2 Stage!Women-only Stage that we held for the first time in a long time,and Kashiwagi Yukirin-san’s Seitansai*I got so sweaty >< GeezI took a photo

Mitsumune, Kojima Natsuki, Takahashi Juri etc, junior members have responded to Study Abroad program


Oshima Yuko I want to Study Abroad! But, Europe or the US would be nice( ̄ー ̄) Murashige Annaロシアもいいですよ!(≧∀≦) “ Yuko has come━━━(゚∀゚)━━━!! “I LOL’d because Yuko said it honestly… “Yeah…Yuko has

Akimoto Yasushi ‘I’ll start a new Study Abroad Program’


  Akimoto Yasushi 7/21 18:45Oh I remember this…I’m currently in a meeting with the AKB48 Overseas Team.We’ve decided to establish an “Study Abroad Program”.Like with Indonesia’s JKT48, Shanghai’s SHN48, Taiwan’s TPE48,

MV of ”Kibou ni Tsuite” by NO NAME unveiled (and 3 other topics)


NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite”, MV unveiled. “AKB’s new unit NO NAME “Kibou ni Tsuite” MV (CD will go on sale on Aug 1) “ The fact that the judge