Before we knew it, they’ve launched SNH’s official website (and 2other topics)

  July 27, 2012

Before we knew it, they launched SNH’s official website.

Before we knew it, they’ve launched SNH’s official website.

I think their balance between heads and bodies are kinda weird….?

Assan and Kojima-san in team K members…..
And I think these photos are a bit old.

What a weird choice of members for it’s top page….
They just featured members who often visit Shanghai or Hong Kong…

Will Taipei48 and Shanghai48 interact each other?
What if they start quarrel over whether Taiwan is a part of China or not in a backroom??

Honestly I don’t think they need to create 上海48 first of all.
They are busy as hell even with only Japanese franchises…

Shinoda Mariko unveiled adult sexiness, alluring posing in a sexy revealing dress.

Super-high resolution visual magazine Plup Series released IQEEN Vol.10 Shinoda Mariko
The theme of IQUEEN Vol.10 Shioda Mariko is “Secret”. The book gives us a sneak peek of Shinoda relaxing,…. pondering in a melancholic mood…in a tranquility.
You can watch making footage on PLUP SERIES’s official website.

Tomosatsu by Takahashi Minami

Both of AtsuMii had such a bad girl face…

Haha she kind of looks a nihilist in this photo!
I can see a brandy glass and cigarette in her hands lol

Acchan still hasn’t not get used to being kissed even though she often kisses other members lol

As always, I’m so jealous of Mii…


Yui or Mochikura, can you switch positions with me?

Mocchi had such a serious look on her face as always lol