Aika Ota and Natsumi Hirajima Starring Movie Batsu Game 2 Now On Screen

  April 21, 2012
Aika Ota
Movie “X(Batsu) Game 2“, starring Team A member and a part of WatariRoka HashiriTai 7, Aika Ota (I bet everyone who are good at Japanese read her name Tada), and former Team B member Natsumi Hirajima, is released today 21th Apr. The idea of this movie is taken from Yusuke Yamada directed movie “Real Onigokko (tag)”, creating whole new horror story .

x(Batsu) game 2 official website

At the press conference of the movie on 17th Apr Aika told “Because this is the first time I star the movie, I got nervous, but I am confident with the final result. The movie has a strong message. I want you to utilize in your daily life.”

The former movie of the series was starring her teammates Ayaka Kikuchi and Haruka Nakagawa. She revealed Harugon “told me there’re tons of sweets at filming studio, so be careful not to gain too much weight. But she gave me no advise on acting.” which made everyone laugh.

Source Yomiuri

x Game 1 (with English sub)