The Movie “The Mirror Of Muse” Starring Rino Sashihara To Come Out This Summer

  April 12, 2012

“The Mirror of Muse”, the drama series, which Rino Sashihara (指原莉乃) of AKB48 is starring, extends it’s field to Movie screen.

It’s announced “The mirror of muse” will be adapted for Movie, which is scheduled to be released this summer.

According to Daily Sport,

Before waiting for the end of it’s TV drama series, Sashiko-stars “The Mirror of Muse” will be adapted for movie screen. Not only starring the movie, but this is the first appearance of Sashiko in movie. (She only appeared some documentary film of AKB48) Sashiko plays a role of poor girl Maki who started to take a step to be an actress after dramatic encounter with theatrical comapny “Musical”. The movie is not supposed to be a afterquel of Drama version but be completely Another Story.

Sashiko sent a “love call” to nation’s favorite child star Fuku Suzuki to be a co-star for the movie. She once again illustrated her imaginary world, said “Will we start a relationship, will we, will we?? I fall in love with him at the first sight!! I really LOVE him!!”

That’s it.

The director of the movie , Yuichi Fukuda, took her word and gave an offer to the child star, whom Fukuda also directed him for Fuku-starring movie “Child Police”.

Acting skill of Sashiko is considered crappy by the director, but she even boasted that she doesn’t even know the basics of acting. She is trying to decorate the movie with her peculiar (and wonderful) qorld views, commonly called “Sashihara Quality”.

Her solo debut single “Soredemo Sukidayo (それでも好きだよ – I love you nonetheless)”, used for the main theme song for the Drama series, will hit the shelves 2th Mar. (Though first-edition, comes with a lottery ticket for Shake-Hand event, was sold out in a flash)

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