New Drama, Yuko Oshima Co-Stars, Starts Airing This Evening

  April 12, 2012

As we reported before, New TV Drama series “Kaeru no Ouzyo sama (The Frog Princess)” starts airing today 12th Apr from 10PM.

According to Oricon,

Yuko Oshima plays role of Mahiru Nonomura, a university student who are now in the middle of job hunting season. “I hope people look at her pursuing her dream and members of Chansons working hard and consolidating each other, and feel something from it”, Yuko told. The story also describes her growth as a member of the Chanson club. At the beginning everyone mocked her calling her “Duck”, but gradually she is making her way to be acknowledged by team members, becoming “Swan”.

Mahiru is very shy person and bad at covey her thought to people.She is failing he job interviews 53 times in a row, but she has one thing that one can beat her. The love for singing.

When first Yuko heard of the offer of this job, she said “I was thinking whether I could play her role properly or not (Because Mahiru’s personality is opposite to her, who is always positive and never be shy). Like Mahiru, I love singing but…. I’m not good at singing. But I am confident that no one can beat my love for singing, so I feel sympathy for her.”

In her interview with Sponichi, she said “I said to Mayu-chan (渡辺麻友) ‘Yuki Amami is dancing right in front of me!!! And singing!!’ Mayu-chan was like ‘How is she like??? <3<3 ' So... I felt really superior to her lol". She told she is really enjoying the filming of the Dorama.

Kaeru no Ozyo sama Official Website

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