Yuko Oshima on “Graduation” of SDN48

  April 1, 2012
title: “See You Again….”

 Today, members of SDN48 graduates from the group.

I wished I could go their last concert, but I couldn’t managed to do it (。-ωq`)

 Members of SDN were so kind to me when I was together with them at concerts or events.

 Sister Saya taught me English, and Chén Qū taught me Chinese.

 Katoh san helped me dance coreo, Akita san and I were together in the Historical Drama “Zenigata Heiji”, and she was so nice to me.

 Nchu and I become good friends through “Majisuka Gakuen” TV show…

 Umeda san and Hiromi san are like teacher for AKB, always gave us advise on dance coreo.

 And… Cindy, who was an original member of AKB48, my impression of her was cheerful but a little bit awkward. But when I went to see her Dorama live, she told “If you have something want to learn, don’t hesitate to ask me!”. I thought she was actually very honest and diligent.

Kohara chan and Yukarin moved to SDN from AKB even though they’re the age as me, and it made me feel uneasy… But seeing you transforming into more and more beautiful and matured women in SDN, I was also a little bit jealous of you 😀

Even Kohara chan had been a princess like character when she was in AKB!!

 Yukarin also surprised me with her cool dance move at SDN concert. I didn’t know you could dance so well before!! 🙂

 Hii chan is a Karaoke King, she is just a pure fun.

 Whenever I meets Hana chan, she always talked to me “Yuko~~~”, which made me so happy 🙂

 Meh tan and I were together working hard for team K. I once went to your house for sleepover.
You were like a old sister of the group, always care members, and always the fast to notice if something was wrong. Me too can’t avoid your wonderful observation eyes, and I remember I used to honestly talk my inner thoughts to you.
 And I guess Meh tan was the first person who started the AKB’s “custom” of approaching other members to give a kiss on stage :))

 Kayo chan, good jobs as a captain of SDN. I knew your personality is not cut out for such position… you really tried hard and done a nice job…(つロ`)

 We’ve done many things together, we had nice moments, tough moment, but we were always together.
 When I heard the announce of your leave from AKB for SDN, I was really shocked and sad. But… I want you to do your best. I want nothing but the best for you…

 When I saw your amazing at SDN’s stage, I was assured that you were fine, that’s was so dramatic performance.

 So.. I believe you will be fine after you graduate SDN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 To all members of SDN. Congratulations. I wish your best.

 Yuko Oshima

Representative of fans handed SDN flowers and gave a message