[TV Recap] AKB と XX! じゃんけん大会の舞台裏に密着 (Behind-the scenes of AKB48 Janken Tournament) 2012.10.18

  October 19, 2012

※The video is at the end of each page

It'll start soon~!!

It will never fail when Buffalo Goro moderates the show!!

Started!! Whoa!! Cho-Senbatsu members!! (Ultra Senbatsu members)

I couldn't find Yui-can in the hype footage in the opening!!

I have a bad feeling that Yui-chan won't make much of appearance in the show…

An'nin opens her eyes way too much wide lol


Non-chan's plain face!!

They can tell they're staffs of XX at a brief glance!?
That precisely tells how XX is loved not only by fans but members!

Takamina should be careful about her remarks…

Shut up your dirty mouth Takamina!!

Takamina “What you guys are doing!? What!! Even XX is fuckin here huh”
↑Is this a word uttered by human's mouth?

Yeah…. Even though I'm Takamina Oshi, I'm often frustrated her dirty remarks that just sound like an arrogant idiot….

When Takamina is compared to Minegishi, it's so clear that Minegishi is carefully choosing words she utters while Takamina just sounds like ill-educated Yankee…. sigh…

While Takajo will go far away for fans in Tokyo, for some reason, she has become closer to fans in Kansai lol

Unexpectedly, AKB to XX is well-recognized by many members !!

Yuko's belly button!!!

Come on!! I count on you image capture team!!!!

LOL Yuko-san reveals too much! I wanna lick her belly!!!

They know the stuff! They introduced Miichan's dance scene from UZA!! What an awesome show!!

Minegishi is good at dancing, and she always shows chemistry when she is with comedians….. But I wonder if Goro-san's pronunciation of “Miichan” is right lol

Actually they can show bright smiles when they're filmed by a professional TV camera, not a cheesy camera for documentary…

Looks like they're using the same type of camera as TBS.

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Miichan looks so cool….!

If only General manager will correct her dirty mouth… She always impresses me by her serious attitude towards her job

↑Actually, because this is a Kansai local show, instead of sucking up to Akimoto by emphasizing this event is serious, or Takamina is giving it everything she got, I want them to deliver a different story from a different perspective.

Takamina often sounds like she is looking down staffs of TV shows…

When these Godly fans have become a family of XX lol


Baka-Shisho…. What a mean business they're doing lol

Kuumin was so cute….

Because this episode is facilitated by Goro-san, I was expecting a godly episode like “Potato Salada inccident” (※The best TV episode of AKB48 ever)……

Churi is reminiscent of Takamina, but stil being humble and polite. Or I should say, she's learned all good things from Takamina except a skill to fit in variety Tv shows in all kind.

Why the heck Ripopo has become a member of XX????

I was expecting Ohya to make an appearance in this show, and voila! Ohya and Myao came to in front of camera themselves lol

They put foreshadowing…. I bet Ohya will lose in the 1st round


  1. Myao is day by day prettier ^^

  2. lecarud says:

    Am I the only one frustrated for not understanding what was so hideous in what Takamina said?

    • Hanabiratachi says:

      She cussed on TV while she was supposed to be more mannered I guess. Asian culture isn’t the same as western one where stars can just cuss on TV and have it bleep out.

    • Ban says:

      I see nothing wrong with it either, but I guess its just not mannery for them to cuss on TV, like Hanabiratachi mentiond with the diff culture thing. I’m sure all members aren’t saint with their words but most except them to be careful when around cameras. Still Takamina meant no harm by it, it was meant to be a joke, she wasn’t looking down or offending anybody 🙂

  3. Mario Medves says:

    “Everyone who Goro-san had talked, lost their junken.
    Goro: This is completly my fault..”

  4. rick cea says:

    Mariko and Kojiharu’s *gaze* as they are about to throw. They are issuing challenge to younger members. Nito looks right back into mariko’s eyes just like in shukan prank academy, and in the end they are friends. I never get tired of AKB48’s mini dramas ( ^ _ ^ ) /