Sashihara Rino carried in Ohimesama Dakko style and 2 more about Iriyama Anna and AKB to XX!

  September 21, 2012

So she is enjoying a new trend Ohimesama Dakko.

Peter Aerts is actually a guy of decent soul as he knows how to please media by emulating a timely topic!

Not Kojima or Mariko, but they chose Sashihara LOL

Somehow she doesn’t quite look blended among them…

LOL She is completely being an ordinary person who accidentally wandered in this event.


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So Annin’s this G+ post was actually a hint bout the new unit….

Iriyama Anna 9/15

I’ve established my new character( ´ ▽ ` )ノ

Air chara\(^o^)/


Annin = A

She isn’t in the photo

Which means she is “Air”

Is that what she was trying to say?

↑It’s belated to recognize it~~~

When I first saw this photo, I thought she lost her mind…. LOL

Probably members who’ve been selected for Sashihara’s unit were chosen in elimination method….

Among team 4 members who haven’t yet decided their agencies, Iwata Karen, Tano Yuka and Takahashi Juri have their own edges in order to market themselves as an individual, Iriyama, Kawaei and Kato somehow seem they need to be in a group in order to stand out from mass.

According to the front cover of Big One Girls, I have an impression that,

Kawari and Yokoyama → Ohta production

Mayuyu and Tano → Ogi production

Wait, if Tanochan will transfer to Ogi production she will no longer be able to spam our phone by her Mobame….

Her Google Plus would be censored by the agency, too…

I can’t help but have an impression that she will be under office 48….



If SKE members joined the filming of AKB to XX on 17th, it’s gonna be unbelievably gorgeous show. It’s not confirmed, but Churi wrote in a way that makes us believe that must be the filming of XX.

Can share further information?

According to Churi’s ameblo, she was with the two in July (Ogiso, Suda) plus Matsui Rena.

It wasn’t filmed in Tokyo, and the 2nd time to join the filming of the show for Ogiso, and it’s Churi’s best favorite program + she went to film in a location (which means it’s not a local TV program in Nagoya).

And Masana and Matsurina went to USJ together on the same day…

Ohya Masana ameba Blog

Probably they will answer quiz as they watch footage from Jakarta?

Yuko made her appearance in the previous episode, so it’s quite possible that Rena would do the same.

But will Rena be able to enliven the show? Coz she has nothing to do with the program til now.

Instead, I wanted them to cast ManaChuriNon…. (Mukaida Manatsu, Takayanagi Akane, Kimoto Kanon)


Takayanagi: Joined the filming of her best favorite show

Ogiso: Joined the filming of the show for the 2nd time.

Suda: Did something she’d never tried.

Matsui Rena: No report

It’s up to your imagination.

YOu guys were right.

Because they said it’s the first appearance, It must be Rena.

9/27 – Ace of AKB’s sister group will make her first appearance in our show

Uhmm I guess it’s meant to be JKT48…

↑ Wait, this is completely Gekikara. 

Come on…. Why the still try to see her as Gekikara… Let her move on…

Or let her to appear in the final episode of Majisuka3…

So next week is the episode that features Churi and Milky (Takayanagi Akane and Watanabe Miyuki), probably 2 members from NMB and 2 members from SKE will answer quiz?

↑I think it’s probably 4 girls from SKE48 as someone wrote in above.