Glory and Tears of Rino Sashihara

  May 31, 2012

Rino Sashihara has now become one of the top members of AKB48 as she ranked in 4th in the early result of AKB48 27th Single Senbatsu Sousenkyo just as everyone expected
But according to her recent confession in TV program Kayoukyoku, she has her own distress behind her bright appearance on stage or TV shows.

Rino Sashihara has been making regular appearance in afternoon TV show Waratte Iitomo. This year, she is thriving as she is featured in many other variety TV shows.

She starred the Drama, then stars it’s Movie adaptation, released her solo photobook, solo single debut…. this 6 months, there had been not a single day that we didn’t hear about her.
The result of the early result is a reflection of her efforts ans passion she’s showed to fans in these months.

In one segment of TV show Kayoukyoku (May 29 episode), where she consulted to Makiko Esumi, the co-host of the show, she confessed her thought, her worry.

“While other members have grown steadily, I can’t help but thinking I have nothing to proud of….” she talked to Esumi. As an idol Ota, she thinks all other AKB48 members are cute and have an aura of idol. She also feel inferior to them that while they have their own special abilities and strong points, she has nothing.

But when Esumi said “Last time when you did on-the-mic performance, throwing agitating words to Nogizaka46 members, I thought “Sashihara-san is so enthusiastic.””, Sashiko showed a face which gave an impression as if she realized something she had never thought about.
Esumi continued to say “Basically, people tend to think “If I speak that challenging words to other people, what do they think? Will they end up hating on me?”. It’s not that something that everyone can dare to do. It’s a very courageousness of you.”

Sashiko confronted members of Nogizaka46 all alone in the iron cage, and took on the on-the-mic performance match against them in one episode of Kayoukyoku.

“You know, you did it all alone!! That made me a huge fan of you.” This word of Esumi made Sashiko’s eyes filled with tears… As Sashiko was deeply moved, saying “I’m so happy…”, Minami Takahashi, who were beside Sashiko, listening to the conversation, expressed her sympathy, saying “I’m almost crying, too…”

According to Takamina, before the mic performance, Sashihara was quite worrying.

But as Esumi assured her that there’re people who appreciate her personality, Sashiko relievedly said “I’ve never thought that there’re people who see myself in that way.”

Esumi’s praise hadn’t ended with this.
She further added, “People in my generation felt so much sympathy for you, I think.” “You will lose track of yourself if you are occupied with the idea that you want to look cuter, nicer person.” “When the time has come, you will be a normal middle-aged woman. Some day when you are no longer an idol, you need to have that courage you showed at the on-the-mic performance.”

Source techinsight