Oppai Battle From Yesterday’s Broadcasting of Kayoukyoku feat. Sayaka Yamamoto and Rino Sashihara

  May 16, 2012
Paruru was being Waruru in yesterday’s Kayoukyoku…..
Paruru “Daruikanji….”
Paruru in Kayoukyoku Bring Waruru

Warning: This post will become a bit inappropriate for young kids from here.
There’s the Mouth Fight between NMB48 and AKB48 in this episode of Kayoukyoku.
But as you already know as soon as you found SayaNee was there, this battle was actually the special stage for Sayanee to show off her miraculous Oppai.
Miichan shouts to Sayanee
Miichan “Let me check if your Oppai is that huge”
Miichan Oppai Massage Sayanee
 Miichan was being completely owned by SayaNee’s confident attitude!!!
miichan, Minami Minegishi
Miichan “It’s huge!!!!!”
I think at this moment, SayaNee has become a ‘Hall of Fame’ Media Senbatsu!
Captain, Center, Professionalism, Teamwork, Hard wokrer, Symbiosis with Milky, Oppai, Dance, Singing, Guitar, Gag, Acting, Oppai…. she has everything!!!!!!!
But what makes her even cuter is that she sometimes gives us a peak of her girly side!!

Sayaka Yamamoto G+
“Thank you for watching Kayoukyoku.
I’m glad that it seems many people enjoyed the onair.

But… honestly my heart was beating so hard as I got too tense at that moment!!!(泣) “

(*´ェ`*) Sayanee…..
Speaking of Oppai, before Miichan touch Sayanee’s Oppai, Sashiko threw this agitation to NMB48, specifically Sayanee.
Sashiko shouts to Sayanee
“Don’t complain when you have breasts that someone wants to touch!!!”
LOL Sashiko is taking full advantage of her flat chests!!!
In the previous episode of Geinou Bang+, Sashiko was examined her flat chests by other flat chested girl.
Sashiko Flat Chested
Wow…. Where’s swelling of bosom..
I think she has flatter Oppai than me!!
Sashiko… don’t dispute with the likes of you….. either way you can’t be no match for this girl…
“Don’t grope Sayaka’s Oppai!!!” lol
Speaking of Oppai, AKB48 has this goddess of Gravure, too.
With all eyes of Yukirin Ota are on her during the on-air, even this small movement of her has surfaced online, gaining ultra huge attention.
‘Yukirin displayed a gesture of taking a yolk of an egg.’
Yukirin at Kayoukyoku
Yu… Yu…. Yukirin??
Note: Despite NMB and SKE guested this show, the viewer rating of Kayokyku has been devastating for golden time’s TV show. 
04/24 8.5% SMAP AKB48  
05/01 5.1% Perfume, Rino Sashihara, Nogizaka46
05/08 9.6% Mana Ashida, Tomomi Itano
05/15 5.9% SKE48, NMB48, Kaera Kimura


While other programs in the same time got by far better number.

17.5% 21:00-21:54 EX_   London Hearts
10.9% 21:00-21:54 CX   Legal High

They’d better make TV program that non AKB fan can enjoy…. otherwise AKB would never have a show starring them in golden time again….