Wow at Kondo Rina's wonderful Bikini Body!

  September 25, 2012

From UTB November issue



This slightly plump body and cute looks. The best thing ever.

I didn't know Riichan has such huge breasts!!

It's just that even her body is selfish(ly grew).

It gives me the goosebumps…. That's how awesome her Gravure is…

Looks like they want to market her as dancing “Shinozaki Ai”

I love her body in the first photo.

I'm a woman, and I don't feel anything special about this chubby body.

↑ Chubby and Plump (Mucchiri and Pocchari) are different. Maybe it's hard for girls to understand it.

Finally her Bikini body that NMB manager has been aspiring to let her do it has revealed…..

Uhho~~~~ Is this Up To Boy??? I was gonna just skip it but yeah! I need to go to a convenient store as soon as possible!!

Goo Kawaee(´・ω・`)

Why don't you foam a unit with other 3 members of HOTEL 4?

↑LOL Why those middle aged Ota of Hello Project sneaked into Under Ground Idol section! Get a life Bold man!

It's cheating to have this wonderful body at the tender age of 15….

By the way, her face is cute, too.

I actually like Natsumin's (flat) π better.




  1. Gipsy Ng says:

    Riichan has a high nose make her more and more beautiful!!!!!

  2. irontech says:

    Rina’s has always been cute and pretty. She looks fine IMO.

  3. I want her to be back in NMB’s senbatsu 🙁