Sashihara Rino wrote Lyrics for the 2 coupling songs to her 2nd Single Ikujinashi no Masquerade

  September 25, 2012

HKT48 Sashihara Rino deprived of the center position by her junior for her 2nd single “Ikujinashi Masquerade”. It's planned that she will release the single n Oct 17th under the name of Sashihara Rino with ANRIRE. But the music video has a version that Kawaei Rina plays as Center, making Sashihara at the edge of the screen.

“I couldn't accept that at first. You know, this is the solo single of me!!”

Despite her comment, Sashihara was kindly leading the 3 junior members who are not used to dance with a small number of people.

The single will be released on Oct 17.


Wow Sassy will write Lyrics for the songs for this single!?!?

Somehow I have a feeling that Sashihara Rino with AIRIRE will be something like an updated version of Not Yet….!!

She works as a producer, and now as a songwriter as well….

Yasusu want her to succeed his position? LOL

After all, if you buy all versions of this single, you can watch the MV with Sashiko at center, can listen to songs that she wrote for herself, which is cool for Sashiko Ota.

Let's just enjoy the TV as a fun stuff, and appreciate Sassy by buying CD and watching DVD?

“T-oi Machi he” will probably make me tears…

LOL I got a reply from Avex.

Thank you for your inquiry.


And Type-A Ikujinashi Masquerade Music Video ~ Kawaei Rina center ver.

This DVD has almost no appearance of Sashihara Rino.

Please looking forward to the single.

↑ Almost no Sashihara Rino…. LOL

“T-oi Machi” may be the song that she sings about the transfer to HKT48…




  1. Kirito says:

    i think Type -B as sasshi in it??

  2. nanock says:

    lol they need to keep sasshi completely out of the shot. these three have so little presence at this stage in their careers that even a glimpse of sasshi outshines them

  3. Mario Medves says:

    Half of Not Yet are songwriter now.

  4. cryt says:

    I think Kawaei is handling the pressure of faux center well, either management is prepping her for a big push or think she’s the perfect foil to Sashi in order to lure back Sashi otas.

    I actually wish this is just a promotion stunt and that Sashi will get her screentime as center soon, since this is HER single and she’s the lyricist for 2 songs