Mezamashi TV broadcast Sashihara Rino’s HKT debut

  July 6, 2012

“Investigation” segment of Mezamashi by announcer Karube

LOL She is treated as “Elder woman” in the show!!

Sassy♥ You look so healthy!!
And you somehow got tanned?

Certainly she looks so fine lol

They are always giving it all in HKT,
In AKB, we never waste our energy.

Why she has automatically become a leader lol

Everything about HKT48 now are revolving around Sasssy!!

I think the biggest highlight of today’s Mezamashi is 2 shot of Karube and Yausu (they look so much alike) lol

By the way, it seems Karube is still in Fukuoka, so he is covering Janken preliminary contest today?

Sure. I must record tomorrow’s Mezamashi, too.

Karube: “How do you feel now??”
Sashihara: “I don’t know I should put it like this, but I feel we could become one.”
Karube: “Did you cry a bit??”
Murashige: “Non Non Non….”
Sashihara: “Wait wait wait…. What the hell is this girl??”
Sashihara: Actually I waas making  such a great remark right now!!
Sashihara: Alright alright, I love that about you.

This is so funny~~~.

This is a birth of another great comedy duo where she plays a role of Tsukkomi (retorter) for the first time after SashiKomori!!

Rino-chan sweats a lot (´□`)hshs (breathing roughly)

Yuukosu: I’d been the oldest member of HKT48…..
Member: “I’m sorry….”
 Yuusuko “And I was a kind of person who are often teased by members….”
 So basically Sashihara-san….. you are stealing the position of Yuukosu!?
Murashige : “But but but but” 
Murashige: “Yuukosu has”
“Mush bigger breasts!!”

I think Murashige Anna-chan benefits from Sashiko the most as Sashihara never fail to retort to her sometimes perplexing jokes!!

LOL She is like a teacher who navigate students at school trip lol

Haha She will show up in Hey! Hey! Hey! with HKT48 members just like this, I think!!
I’m looking forward to HKT’s single debut!!

You can watch yesterday’s live broadcasting TV show Sashihara guested!!
Yuukosu in “finding nice residence” segment was so funny

Yeah, Yuukosu, and A~nya’s MC was also funny. I have an impression that many of HKT members are actually cut out for variety TV shows!!

How often will she appear in TV shows there?

She will have regular TV shows on Wednesdays and Thursdays there, both are live-broadcasting.

*Sashiko talk* Yuko-chan sent her messages

—How do you feel after you finished your Stage debut?
“I was so nervous, but both members and fans made eye contacts with me. I felt… I will be able to give it my best……like I can make a re-start from here.”
—What the difference you feel from AKB48?
“HKT members fight against each other, because…. most of them are junior high school girls. But it reflects how they are close to each other. Actually they have very matured thinking.”
—Did members of AKB48 contact you?
“Yuko-chan sent me a text message. Rena-chan (from team S) performed this Stage fro many times, and she taught me the choreo.”

Yuko-chan, Rena-chan….. thank you so much ( ; ; )

How wonderful their relationships are…

One year later from now, 
Whether or not HKT48 will make a huge breakthrough,
Whether Sashihara’s popularity will be unshakable or go decline…..
We can’t put our eyes off from them!!