(Breaking news) Sashihara Rino to become 17th member of Team H

  July 5, 2012

Reactions at Sashihara fan thread

She is so cute in the profile photo~~( 〃▽〃)

Cute photo~~~~~(*´∀`)
She has become Bisassy, not Busassy anymore!! (Bi(美): Beautiful, Busa(ぶさ): Ugly)

I like this photo better than the previous one!


LOL Seriously she is cute!!

Damn! She is too cute that make me cracked up!!


Fallen angel!!

Go for it, Sassy!!!

LOL She is be far cuter than in photos we usually see!!!

Actually this photo is the best of all Sassy’s photos!!

Sassy has got younger??

Personally I think this costume for HKT members doesn’t suits her, but…
The thing is “You’re BeautifuuuuuuuUUUUUULLLLLLLLLLLL!!!”

And she will guest a mid-night TV show in Fukuoka…. I’m looking forward to it!!

Reactions from Ordinary AKB fans

She is all about “Special treament”…..
She can even increase the maximum number of team members lol

So after one HKT member graduated the team and there’s vacant position, will they fill a vacancy with a new member? If they won’t, the only thing I can is “”Laughing.” Because it’s just a terrible comedy.

LOL She again broke the rule… you know, now other teams also have 17 members? No? Then this surely disturbs the order all other members have been created. Yes? It would be mess.

Performed in Hakata, then appear in TV shows and other various media outlets, then join the event of Not Yet in Makuhari messe in Tokyo…
She is so tough!!( ̄○ ̄;)

It’s just disgusting.

I think she joins HKT48 as a guest rather than a member.

AkiP once said “Have a courage to be disliked.”
And he is now exactly doing it himself with Sashihara….

It’s crazy…. There may be no logical reason that the maximum number of members for each team is 16, but it has been 16 and it has worked. There’s no reasonable reason to change it.
If they approve that teams can have 17 members, then how they can e
explain to refuse to have 18 or 19 members?

And why Sashihara plays a center….

I think this is the safest way to solve this problem, isn’t it?
If they have someone to leave the team in order to make a room for Sashihara, you guys will surely slam her.
I think probably Sashihara can’t join HKT’s stage often, so they basically go with 16 members and only when she joins them, they perform with 17 members as a exception.
Monday, she is in Tokyo for Waratte Iitomo, and probably join several other programs which are aired nationwide or in Kanto reagion. When she is in Hakata, she will have tons of media exposure… so she may only be able to perform Stage for several times a month? 

Sashiko (19) is the only member of HKT who can work in any time slot, so she may work as a PR face of HKT48 for a while?

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