Matsui Jurina's high jump! and Shinoda Mariko's Paraglider Jump! and 3 more!

  September 15, 2012

I’m stunned…. She is just too cute…

Anything looks cute when is worn by NyanNyan (Kojima Haruna)~!

This is ill!!! Too cute to be true!!

She is just too cute… She looks like a child but at the same time, so beautiful……

Man, I need to watch ZIP before I went to bed~.



Man…. I’m started getting so excited!!!


  ( ゚д゚ ) ガタッ
  .r   ヾ
__|_| / ̄ ̄ ̄/_
  \/    /

They will distribute video on Ustream.

That’s nice! I hope they will start New Setlist, too!!


As all of us already know, they look so awesome when they make a face!!

What the heck are they doing? LOL

Are they emulating God Father!?

Man…. I love this mom and daughter pair….(´Д` ) 


Tanabe Miku 9:34pm 9/15

Prayer for victory (for Janken) lol



This looks soooo Otaku… lol 

No! I mean…. I love her nails!


Kashiwagi Yuki 9/15 9:41pm

What? We need to rub it onto our skin??

Until now, I’d only put em on my skin!!


Kobayashi Marina 9/14 21:43

Wow I heard about it for the first time, too!!

I only put em on my skin until now, too…(^ω^;)

Uhmmm I think this height…. this height is too dangerous even if it’s meant to enliven the concert…

This is the 2nd day of Saitama Super Arena concert (SSA).

She was pulled up by staffs above when she did this high jump.

Milky also did this jump too….

I was worried so much if they would get injured….


Shinoda mariko 9/15

Arrived at Tokyo~~~~\(^o^)/ We jumped, and BOoooommmMMMM!! We arrived!