Miichan finally paired together with Gachapin! (and 4other topics on Kitarie in Majisukaa, Kitarie ”Don’t stare at me”, and Mariko Jump!)

  July 9, 2012

Miichan finally paired together with Gachapin in yesterday’s Hey! Hey! Hey! live special

Miichan finally made it!!

Miichan is in the right, and Gachapin-san is in the left.

Miichan knows her stuff!!
I love these kind of things about her.

Kitarie to appear in Majisuka3

Look carefully at cast……
(北原里英: Kitahara Rie)
Una-chan lol
Wait!?!? Una-chan is next geenration memebrs!?!? lol
In Bakaleya or Majisuka3, she sneaks into things in a slithy way just like Unagi lol 

Mariko-sama Jump!!!!

Here it is, Mariko-sama jump (・U・)

Thank you Kashiwage-chan~~~~
Mariko’s jumping ability is amazing!!!

Mariko is as usual jumping high!!!
While Chintomo is…..  lol this is also as usual!!
I think Mariko’s jump should be highly appreciated.
Looks getting high!!

Mariko lol
She is getting ridiculously high!!

DownTown (host of HeyHeyHey) pays Homage to AKB’s banned commercial for “Puccho”



Kashiwage-chan lol
Yukirin’s facial expression has reached the point that it’s her own unique professional ability.
I LOL’d at Kojiharu’s face in the 2nd photo.
Kojima-san is ridiculously cute!
NyanNyan showed such a good reaction!!

Latest picture of “Kitarie don’t stare at me!!” series

LOL  This is so obvious!!

This is awesome!!

This scene…. if you look at the scene from the front, it would look like only Rie-chan looks at completely different direction?! 

Rie-chan must be reading 2ch Matome (:wrap-up) sites…. lol

Other members reaction to DownTown’s Puccho kiss

Sashiko and Mayuyu
Yuko and Acchan