Mayuyu had a dialogue with Nacchan for Bonus footage of Otota Jelly Beans

  July 10, 2012

I’m from Mariko-sama fan thread.
Toda’s Sports Hochi newspaper has a large article about DVD content of Mayuyu’s new single.
She has a conversation with Hirajima Natsumi in Type-C,
Typre-A’s content is titled “MayuSatsu ~ Minna no Otana o ItadakiMayuyu”. She filmed footage from handshake events by herself.
First edition of Type-B will contain MV of “Twin Tall ha Moushinai” by Mayuzaka46 (unit consists of Mayuyu and some members from Nogizaka46).
And they will release DVD of SSA concert in Mar on Sep 5th.

I have a mixed feeling about this……  A bit cruel, I think?

When I got up this morning, I was like, “What the heck????”

Announcement from Official site.

DVD content Accnoucement (2012.7.10)
Bonus DVD content of first edition (A, B, C) of Mayu’s 2nd single “Otona Jelly Beans” (on sale July 25th) has been unveiled.

Each DVD has enriched content. Please look forward to the release date.

▼Bonus DVD content

大人ジェリービーンズMusic Video
大人ジェリービーンズMusic Videoメイキング

First Edition B:
大人ジェリービーンズMusic Video
大人ジェリービーンズMusic Video making
ツインテールはもうしない / まゆ坂46 Music Video

First edition C:
大人ジェリービーンズMusic Video
大人ジェリービーンズMusic Videoメイキング
Watanabe Mayu × Hirajima Natsumi

Total 3 different versions of bonus DVDs. Each version has Otona Jelly Beans’ MV and it’s making footage, plus each type has one more different bonus footage respectively.

○First edition A: Watanabe Mayu carries a camcorder and takes a self video portrait from backstage of handshake events. This footage is titled (taken from single’s title) “MayuSatsu ~Minna no Otona o ItadakiMayuyu~” and Mayuyu is taking members Otona (adulthood) in the video.

○First Edition B: Miracle collaboration with AKB’s official rival Nogizaka46, “Twin Tail ha Moushinai“. Song and MV are contained in CD (3rd song) and DVD of Type-B.
→ChakuUta  of this song will start degital distribution from July 11th

○First Edition C: Former teammate (B) and member of WatariRoka hashiritai7, Hirajima Natsumi guets bouns content of this type.
Dialogue between “Watanabe Mayu x Hirajima Natsumi” will be contaien in type-C’s DVD. They talk about validity of Love prohibition rule in this footage.

Length of the footage is 20 minutes. Filming was held on June 27th, 143 days after Hirajima left AKB. They said they hadn’t even contacted with each other since then, After they greeted each other with staff expression, they moved to a topic on Hirajima’s incident.
“I was shocked. It’s not like I haven’t forgiven her. But I probably haven’t 100% forgiven her. Because there was an incident like that, and there were a lot of harrowing emotions….. I have many to think upon.”, Mayuyu threw her feeling straight towards Hirajima. Hirajima, as shedding tears, replied, “I’m…. I’m ashamed of myself. I can only say ‘I’m sorry, I’m just so sorry’. I want to come back to AKB, but I no longer can…..” she apologized. (SkiP)

Anyway, for the time being, I upload captured images here.

Maybe because Nacchan and Mayuyu were very close to each other….
But it’s so complicating….
Not AKB, not Warota but have a talk for Mayuyu’s solo single…..

It’s their marketing to appeal to former Nacchan Ota?? So gross….

Because she was a former member of Warota, it should have done in Warota’s single….

It’s funny if the reason why only Mayuyu has a talk with Ncchan is because they are afraid that Harugon gets uncontrollable or Ayarin leaks further information in the talk session.

I have more complicated feeling about dialogue with Ncchan than collaboration with Nogizaka…..
But it’s nice because this means Ogi production will continue contract with Nacchan for the time being…^^

The only Warota member who didn’t release comment on Ncchan was Mayuyu, 
I think it took a time to sort out her feelings…….
But I feel it’s more like Ogi’s over-parenting stopped her from making comment on it.

Because I liked Type-C’s jacket the best, I pre-ordered it, but it was disappointing for me, because I have become her fan since Syncro Tokimeki…..
I like Mayuyu but I’m not interested in Warota or her human relationship, so probably I had better buy other type?

I think type-A is the safest choice.
It looks like we can see cute Mayuyu in it’s bonus footage.

Alright, I may buy type-A.
Bride training footage of Syncro Tokimeki’s type-A was so interesting.
My mom has become a fan of her after watching it.
I want to see that session between Mayuyu and the teacher again lol

I think they should have made this bonus footage of type-C, bonus for Warota’s single….
I wanted her solo to be filled only with Mayuyu….

But I think this is what it meant to be Ace….

As Ota who has seen them since old team B, I want to watch this.

I think Mayuzaka probably will be a nice collaboration, but I kind of lost words that they use Mayuyu to market Nogizaka46
Now they aren’t official rivals each other at all lol

If it’s a order from her agency, why don’t they let No Sleeves collaborate with her….
If so, I will be so much pleased.

So there’s no bonus footage of Nezumi-san…..

Anyway, it’s making huge buzz, so sometimes this kind of marketing is okay, but……. still I have a complicated feeling…..
I think it was not something that both Nacchan and Mayuyu can be happy about….

Maybe it’s at times like this, we should speak this word.
” お っ お お ん “