Mayuyu Doesn’t Want Fans To Vote For Her Because She Is So Scared Of Horror Movies

  May 22, 2012

Watariroka Hashiritai7’s new single Shonen yo Uso o Tsuke! will be released on 30th May. Bonus visuals of this single is teasers of 7 horror films which star each of 7 members of Warota respectively. Purchasers of this single can vote for their favorite teaser, and next single of Warota will contain full version of the horror films ranked top-3 in this vote.

Sponichi conducted the interview with Mayu Watanabe, whose first time experience of horror film’s filming session was this teaser, and Ayaka Kikuchi, who tried combat scene for the first time.

We heard you don’t like horror movies.

Mayuyu: (in a serious face) I hate them!

But then why you take on this challenge?

Mayuyu: Akimoto-san decided this. I was like “It’s really impossible for me, so I’m doubtful that I can do it.” But, since I was given a opportunity, I gave it my best.

Where did you film this?

Mayuyu: We filmed in a building which is almost abandoned.

I saw the visual, and felt it’s really scary.

Mayuyu: The atmosphere was nicely… kind of unearthly, so it was really scary.

While… Kikuchi-san played a role of “a female prisoner no.708 starfish”?

Ayarin: When I first heard this, I could’t even understand what’s going on.

What kind of role is this?

She is innocent but jailed….

Mayuyu: Is she innocent? It’s ludicrous… lol

How Kikuchi-san thought when you watched Mayuyu’s teaser?

Ayarin: I really felt she was trying hard when she was screaming in the film.

Have you ever screamed in acting?

Mayuyu: I’ve rarely screamed in acting. But… I like screaming, so…

Do you like screaming!?

Mayuyu: Yeah so since I like screaming, and as I was given a chance to scream as a part of my job, I could scream to my content.

Do you often scream?

Mayuyu: I don’t in my job but I often scream in off time.

For example… when?

Mayuyu: Uhmm when I get high.

Ayarin:  She is always full on screaming out of blue.

Out of blue?

Ayarin:  Like “Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!!”

Mayuyu: Yeah I utter something incomprehensible word like “Wah! Wah!”

When you are happy?

Mayuyu: Yes, when I am having fun.

There is a scene in the ending of each teaser, where Email address appears with a comment which says “Send email if you have a job offer for this actress”. How will you do if you receive job offers?

Mayuyu: I’ll be really grateful.

But what if it’s an offer for a horror film?

Mayuyu: Oh……. (silent for a while)

Mayuyu: NO! REALLY! I CAN’T DARE TO DO HORROR!! It’s really hard for me. I don’t want to rank in top-3 for this vote either…. If I am in top-3, then I will have to join the filming for the full version!?!?
No, I can’t do it.

So you don’t want fans to vote for you?

Mayuyu: Because I’m timid… I may cause  a huge trouble in the filming….

But some fans might want to see you get really scared.

Mayuyu: No….. I think the teaser is enough for me….

Okay, can you send message to fans who are going to watch your teasers.

Mayuyu: This is my first challenge for a horror flim, so you can see my scared face, screams and other things that you’ve never seen, so please watch it.

But you don’t want them to vote for your teaser?

Mayuyu: Yes. Please vote for Ayarin.

Kikuchi-san, if Mayuyu declines to join the filming for the full version, you’ll play her role on her behalf?

Ayarin:  Yes,definitely.

Mayuyu: Wow so you’ll play double role!!

Teasers of horrof films starring Warota members were contained in First Editions of the single. Details are listed below.
Ayaka Kikuchi “女囚708 号ヒトデ”
Mika Komori “湯けむりほっかむり夢見がち カラフル警部の事件簿(3)”
Aika Ota “タイムリープな少女”
Kazumi Urano “必殺くノ一 秘中必中仕事屋稼業”
Mayu Watanabe “あ そ ぼ”
Haruka Nakagawa “振り向けばラブストーリー”
Misaki Iwasa “サクラ咲く丘 少女が見つめた戦争”