Maeda Atsuko’s Graduation Performance at Akihabara AKB48 Theater

  August 27, 2012

Many people are waiting in line to watch public viewing of Acchan’s graduation performance in AKB Shop & Cafe.

On August 27th, AKB48 maeda Atsuko graduates AKB48. The sacred place of all AKB fans, Akihabara is already filled with many of fans as they are trying to take a peek of last moment of her as AKB.

Especially at the exit of the theater, many fans are gathering to catch glimpses of Maeda, Takahashi, Oshima and other star members who will perform today’s stage.
According to staffs of AKB theater, all members finished their entry to the building bt 2:30pm, and “Hope they will leave here before any accident will occur.”
Fans are also making a long line in front of AKB Shop and Cafe as there will be a public viewing of the performance, as well as they’re selling limited goods themed on Maeda’s graduation.

In AKB48 Cafe and Shop Akihabara,
We will hold the public viewing of Maeda Atsuko’s graduation theater Stage on Aug 27.
Evereyone! Let’s join us and celebrate her graduation together!

■event guide
Date: Aug 27 (Mon)
Entry: from 17:30~ (Normal store operation will end 16:30)
Live-Streaming: from 18:00 till the end of Stage
Price: 2,000 yen (including Hamburger and gifts)
Start accepting: from 10:30~ (we only accept cash)

Togasaki Tomonobu 5:02pm

I can’t believe that we had been working at “TOKYO DOME” until yesterday.
Takahashi is eating her boxed lunch, Sashihara is speaking fast, and Matsubara is doing stretching amazingly. We all came back to our daily life.



Togasaki Tomonobu 5:06pm

Inside JR Akihabara station is in Maeda Atsuko color until today!!


Togasaki Tomonobu 5:07pm

Neighborhood are of JR Akihabara station is also holding “Maeda Festival


☆Maeda Atsuko Graduation Performance Setlist☆

※Live streaming started from Overture

0-16. A6th Mokugekisha by team A + Muto Tomu

Enjo-Rosen – Shiichan as Sashihara’s Under


Shiichan: From now, we’ll talk about Happenings in Tokyo Dome concerts

N Nacchi: For My costume of Kurumi to Dialogue, I wore overall and it was too big, and…. almost slipped off from my body

Haachan: Aamin and Haachan slipped on wet stage floor~. In live stage, anything happen, so we gotta be take care!

Lovetan: Harugo…. no Haruka is getting “TOO” along with JKT members. When I saw a photo she toook with them, I couldn’t tell which one is her!

Akicha: Will I be alright in Jakarta? I’ve started studying Indonesian. I bought a text. But it write pronunciation in Katakana, and I’m not good at reading Katakana so it’s very hard. (members: Ehhhhh???)

Takamina: I also remembered JKT’s members names in TV program. It was ridiculously hard. I only remembers Kato Rena now. (She really said Kato Rena and members said “Yay there really is a member by the name of Kato Rena not from team 4” lol)

Everyone: I will move to team XX. I will move to team YY.

Acchan: I will….. graduate.

Shiichan hugged a wrong person during the TD concert. She thought it was Shisho, but turned out it was totally a wrong person. She thought the girl is from JKT48 but she is not sure. Maybe from SKE48? NMB48? But because now AKB has too many members, she really has no idea who was that girl, she said.

Aamin: I will move to team K. No… I’m not actually good at dancing,…. I’m worried…..

Encore: Fans are calling “Acchan” instead of “Encore”

En1. Skirt Hirari – Yuko, Minegishi, Takamina, Kojiharu, Mariko, Acchan, Itano,

En2. Aitakatta – all members

En3. Flying Get – Atsuko, Takamina, Minegishi, Mariko, Kojiharu, Itano, Minegishi, Yuko, Miyazawa, Yokoyama, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi, Kitahara, Kasai, Sashihara, Jurina, Rena

En4. Ponytail to ChouChou: Atsuko, Takamina, Minegishi, Mariko, Kojiharu, Itano, Minegishi, Yuko, Miyazawa, Yokoyama, Watanabe Mayu, Kashiwagi, Kitahara, Kasai, Sashihara, Jurina, Rena

En5. Everyday Katyucha:  All members

Takamina: Takamina: It felt time passed so quickly. So let us send my message of farewell to Atsuko. I’ll send my message first. As I keenly feel realize this is the final, It’ll be a lie if I say I don’t feel lonely. The whole 3 days of Tokyo Dome…. Everything’ll be my best memory. Whenever I made an eye contact with you, I wondered if this would be the last. That made me so lonely. As we joined the interview and photo shoots before and after the Tokyo Dome, I thought with this Tokyo Dome concert as a turning point, Atsuko will move apart from us. Whenever I worked with you, I was feeling like “Will Atsuko be alright if she will be no longer with us?” I’d been so concerned about you. Becasue we’ve been together all the time. So honestly sometimes, I felt that maybe Atsuko won’t be alright without us after she graduates…. But I know you’re so surprisingly strong, actually. So I don’t bear any worry. What I want to tell you as you’re graduating AKB now, is because you’ve decided to graduate on your own will, please succeed in your future career. And I realized we also must work harder. When Tokyo Dome concert was over, When we finished  Tokyo Dome concert, we promised “We  gotta come back here again!!!” If we couldn’t stand on TD’s stage again, I would feel sorry for fans, as well as for Atsuko. So, Some day, when we have a chance, I hope you can guest our show…. But in order to realize this, we must work very hard. So please look forward and move on. Atsuko…. you’re smiling….. your smile….. seeing your smile always makes me so relieved. I really hope you will do your best and enjoy your future.”  

Kojiharu: I really like you Acchan. Because this is the last moment of Acchan as an idol, I want to hand shake with you as one of your fan….. (Shook hands each other)
But but… I want to huge you as your fellow member of AKB!!!! (Hugged)
I love you Acchan…. I love you always!!

Mariko-sama: From me, I want to say, Acchan, Otsukaresamadeshita♪
We know Acchan has played such a tough role in AKB. I knew you suffered so much pressure, tough times…. But I could help you that much…
But I tried to relieve your pressure. I’ve invited you to have meals together as I tohught eating a lot may relieve your pressure…..

Tomochin had quarreled with Acchan one month before  TokyoD concert. They reconciled one day before the concert.
Tomochin confessed her regrets that she couldn’t cherish the little time left before Acchan graduates.

Takamina: Okay…. next…. Sashihara!

Sashihara: Why did you guys laugh?

Takamina: Okay thank you~~ Urge Sashihara to leave lol

Sashihara: Assan…. Assan…. 

I was not planned to be on the stage of “SAKURA NO HANABIRA” at first, because it was for only AKB’s members. However, when I murmured, “I wish I could be on the stage with them.” Then, Assan said “What!? Why don’t you join us!!” Thanks to her, I was able to sing the song with them on the same stage. 

Assan, Assan, you’re so nice….. You gave me yoor clothes…… Please Please Assan…… keep giving me your hands-me-down clothes, please!!

Yuko: Acchan, thank you for leading us up to here.
Thank you for being a good rival of me.
Because you’d been in AKB, I could stay in AKB.


Rena: Hai… ah tears are almost falling down… I rarely had a chance to talk with you
Maeda-san face-to-face. I’ve loved AKB48 so much originally. Whenever I saw you,
I thought that “Ah! AKB’s Acchan is there!!” I’ve been a member of SKE with
that impression of you always in my mind. Because I’m a part of SKE48, I’ve
been always looking at the back of AKB48, (Jurina is nodding) and thought we
must catch up with them some day, or we must work as hard as them . With that
thoghts in mind, I’ve been striving. Looking at you giving it everything made
me so inspired.. gave me a lot of energy to move on. I really wish I can
see your wonderful acting not only from stages, but in various places like TV
drama, or theater screens. Last of all, let me send you a word on behalf of
SKE48. Thank you so much for having led us, and please stay close to us from
now on, too.” Bowing and hug☆(As Jurina is more like a little sister of Acchan (as Jurina
talked the episode that Acchan was the first person whose home Jurina slept
over at, in her message to Acchan), Rena’s message include both her personal one
and more formal gratitude as Ace and captain of SKE, and while other members were
moved to tears and hugged Acchan like sisters, Rena bowed Acchan before the hug)

Other members who sent messages to Atsuko: Miichan, Kasai, Yukirin, Jurina, Mayuyu, Miyazawa

Acchan responded to each memeber’s messege by hug and “Thank you”.

En6. Sakurano Hanabiratachihe – Maeda Atsuko

After she sang Sakura no Hanabiratachihe, Takamina 1made a statement to fans: “I’ll never forget these past 6 years, 8 months and 19 days. Being with you, standing on this stage together, we realized our dream together, everything made me so happy. AKB48 and Maeda Atsuko will keep striving forward to the future.”

Then Atsuko talked to fans, “About 7 years. I don’s know it was long or short, but it was the best 7 years of my life.” She smiled and bowed to fans deeply together with all casts.

After that, Atsuko left on the stage alone to send her last word as a member of AKB to fans.

“I’m really happy that I could return to this place next day of Tokyo Dome concert, together with you. This once again convinced me that “This is what AKB is like.” and “I’d belonged to such a tremendous place.”  I’ve been filled with happiness over these years. I’m so much proud of the fact that I could meet members, Akimoto-san and staffs, and you fans.” As she expressed her gratitude to fans, the small theater was filled with “Thank you” from fans.

“Thank to you, I could graduate AKB48. I will strive forward from this point. Thank you so much,”

Maeda Atsuko was shedding tears, but for this first step of her new career, she was keeping bright smile on her face.


She is a clumsy girl,
but let’s just look upon how she will forge her path after graduating AKB, with kind eyes.
If we keep being with her,
She may feel a little less lonely…..


AKB has proved for us.

The future has an unlimited possibilities.