Maeda Atsuko’s graduation commemoration photobook ”Acchan” will be released 3 days before her graduation!

  July 19, 2012

For real!?

Oh~ looks like it’ll sell well.
It’s the end of an era. it’ll be a milestone for Acchan and the 48 groups.

If she’s going nude like she proclaimed… *gulp*

Can they show even more than the last one?

I won’t be spending much money after, so I guess I’ll buy it.

My purse-strings this year haven’t stopped loosening up.

Who has released their photobooks previously?
Unlike photo collections, the photobook needs to have some theme or Drama in it, right?

↑Takahashi, Yuko and Sashihara

Who did Sasshii talked with for her photobook “Sashiko”?

↑Yasusu, Ariyoshi, Kojiharu and Chihou-gumi members

I will buy this of course. I’m looking forward to reading her dialogue with members!

I will buyyyYYYYYYYY THIS!!!

I pre-ordered 100 copies (゜ー゜夏)←Mukaida Manatsu

So this is the first “Photobook” of Acchan, right?

Yes this is long-awaited Acchan’s first photobook actually.
As “dialogue between Aces“, I hope they will hold a talk session between Acchan, Jurina and Sayanee~~~!
They can never miss her dialogue with Takamina, Yuko, Tomochin and Mariko!!!

Can I expect that in this photobook, she will have a dialogue with  the next generation’s Ace, Shimazaki??

↑I’d rather want to read the her dialogue with Manatsu or Joe.

I want her to have dialogues with all of original members for this photobook!!

Maeda Atsuko AKB48 Graduation Commemoration photobook “Acchan” published by Kodansha Mook

Price 1,200JPY

Graduation Commemoration photobook of Maeda Atsuko who has been active as a member of AKB48 as one of its original members and Ace for these past 7 years.
It contains not only photographs that are exclusively taken for this photobook but the long interview with Akimoto Yasushi etc. and gives you take a sneak peak of Maeda Atsuko’s true thoughts.

前田敦子AKB48卒業記念フォトブック『あっちゃん』 (講談社 Mook) 前田敦子AKB48卒業記念フォトブック『あっちゃん』 (講談社 Mook)
前田 敦子

売り上げランキング : 2

Amazonで詳しく見る by AZlink

“Takamina” AKB48 is about Takahashi Minami” ―― Akimoto Yasushi
“Yuko” AKB48 is about Oshima Yuko’s frantic effort” ―― Akimoto Yasushi
“Sashiko” AKB48 is about the miracle of Sashihara Rino” ―― Akimoto Yasushi
I’m so looking forward what it’s title will be like and what he will write for Acchan’s photobook’s Obi!!

“AKB is about Maeda Atsuko’s Smile” ―― Akimoto Yasushi
Maybe this is too simple? But I think this is the best…

I’m so looking forward to the release!!