Atsuko Maeda, The Front Girl of AKB48 to Leave The Group

  March 25, 2012

This really is worth being dubbed Breaking News.

I can’t hardly believe but today 25th Mar, Atsuko Maeda, the font girl of AKB48 revealed her graduation of the group through her own mouth in front of fans gather at Saitama Super Arena.

“I feel a huge anxiety but I figured I have to leave AKB48 for my juniors gathered up here on the stage” Atsuko Maeda told fans. Minami Takahashi, another leading figure of the team said “Honestly I don’t want Acchan to leave AKB, but we know we don’t have right to stop you to pursue your dream. I rather want to push your back, and support you.”

Specific date of her graduation is yet to be released. But chances are coming Tokyo dome concert in April and May will be the commemoration of her graduation.

25th is the last day of their 3 days “AKB48 concert Gyomu-Renraku, Tanomuzo Katayama Manager!”, and they just announced Jurina Matsui (SKE48) and Miyuki Watanabe (NMB48)’s participation to the B team of AKB48 on the second day of the concert.