[ Bunshun ] Ex-boyfriend’s confession: “AKB48’s Sashihara Rino was super-sexually aggressive”

  June 14, 2012

“When I first went to visit her in her house, I was full of nervousness and my entire body was stiff. I couldn’t even lift my head up. All I did was to keep nodding my head, saying “Yeah. Yeah.” to what she said. Despite her being a year younger than me, she seemed advanced for her age. “Why are you always looking down?” “Come closer to me!” she said, as she put my hands on her thighs. Something inside me exploded, I pushed her down, then kissed her for the first time.”

The person who confessed this was a Mr. A, who dated with Sashihara Rino (19yo) from 08 till 09. A Johnnys-styled, good-looking university student living in the metropolitan area.

After the AKB48 General Election which occurred on the 6th of June at Budokan, a small magazine publication interviewed Mr. A at a certain place in the metropolitan area. But what confirmed it was the viewership ratio of the “General Election” broadcast by Fuji TV. Where the highest ratio was 28% (Video Research Ltd.) not for Oshima Yuko’s 1st place announcement, but actually for “Sashiko” Sashihara’s 4th place announcement. On the stage, it was a moment where her ordinary Hetare character exploded.

A reporter in charge of AKB said this: “Her face and style is subtle, but that was the original concept of AKB48, a concept of an “ordinary girl”. “I’m not popular” “I’m not cute” were some of the things she only complained about as the hetare. To her fans she was a very life-sized being. Also being supported by the producer Akimoto Yasushi, saying that she is the member being most watched out for.”

She became a regular for the TV show “Waratte iitomo” since autumn (fall) of last year, having a solo debut May of this year. Also being a tourist ambassador for her hometown of Oita.

A classmate of hers said this: “Sasshi during junior high did stuff like be part of the wind instrument club, and also as a class representative. But she would get into trouble with others in class and often cried in the toilet. She also went out with a fair-skinned, chubby “Ton-chan” of the basketball club. But he wasn’t the type that most people would go out with.”

Since that time she has longed to be an idol. Keeping it a secret to the people near her, she applied and passed the AKB48 audition. Graduating from junior high, she also at the same time moved to Tokyo. And started living in a group with members such as Kitahara Rie and Oya Shizuka.

“After that due to her mother worrying about her, her mother also moved to Tokyo. And immediately the both of them started their lives living together at a large apartment in Nakano, Tokyo.” (AKB official)

The beginning of Mr. A’s comments about dating with Sashihara happened at right this time. They met in the AKB theatre in Akihabara.

Mr. A, looking back at those times, said: “I was originally an AKB fan, frequently commuting to the theatre. I was focusing on my part-time job of 80,000 yen a month. At first I was a fan of a different member, but at the theatre my eyes often met with Sashihara, so I then “oshihen”ed (change your oshimen). I took part in the theatres events, the handshake events among other things. In order for her to remember my name I also sent her many fan letters. Then on the summer of 08 I got a message from a kid named “Sashihara’s friend” on Mixi on my HP.

It wrote, “Are you a fan of Rino-chan? I’m her friend so shall I tell you her email address?””

Her name was “Miho”. Mr. A then immediately jumped into the email address he was told of. “It became that I would send mail to her phone, and we became mail buddies. But I just didn’t want to let her know that I was an AKB otaku, so we didn’t talk about AKB at all. I let the secret out (that I was an AKB otaku) on my birthday. But she just replied with a “I knew that”. (laughs) It seems as though the name “Miho” was actually Sashihara. We soon started dating after that. She was super-sexually aggressive. (laughs) She was also an idol otaku so the things we talked about also matched.”

The confession occurred during October, Mr. A spoke via phone without holding anything back, ““Is there someone you like?” I asked. She then replied with a “No, there isn’t.” So then I said “Then let’s go out”, after that it turned out fine without troubles. I was living in another prefecture so I asked “We do live far away, is that okay?”, to which she replied “It’s fine”. I was so happy at that time.”

However, being able to go out with Sashihara also came with a few conditions. “She said to me that the theatre concerts were “embarrassing, so don’t come”. After that she said to absolutely not talk about our relationship to people around us. This agreement broke once, she changed her email address and ignored me for around 2 weeks.”

Nonetheless, on Mr. A’s phone are several photos of his memories of those times. Photos such as covering half her face and making a kissy face, up-close photos of her in her room of her breasts and legs, among others. There were some even fairly sexy ones.

“There have even been times when she suddenly sends me a photo of her breasts saying “My breasts have gotten bigger.” She took many photos of her on her bed and blanket.”

The place for their dates was principally Sashihara’s home. Mr. A would get up early at 5am, skip school and take a 2 hour train ride to Sashihara’s large apartment in Nakano, Tokyo.

They decided that he’d go to her house on weekdays during daytime, when her mother wasn’t home. They estimated when her mother would be out and when her mother knocked on the door, Sashihara came out to welcome her in her school uniform.

In her large 2K apartment (2K = Kitchen with 2 rooms), I went through the genkan (entranceway) and right on the right was a bath and toilet.
 Past the kitchen was Sashihara’s room with wooden flooring. In the inner part was her mother’s room. 

“Her room was dreary with her bed by the window, there was also a rack made of coloured plywood. On the rack were Hello Pro photo albums, AKB48 DVDs and FLOWER ROCK figurines among others.”

With Hello Pro, there were things like Morning Musume among others, the “Hello! Project” which was produced by Tsunko. She was a big fan of them and her notebook’s desktop wallpaper was also a photo of the girls. Also, she constantly played idol music in her room.

“What we did together was that because we were in the age of independence, we‘d flirt/make out in her room, we’d go bathe together, and other stuff. Her shampoo was Kracie’a “Ichikami”, it had a nice smell. But we both didn’t have any experience so it took us 4 months till we did it.”

They only spent the night together one time. They stayed in a business hotel in front of Higashi-Shinjuku station. “In terms of a love hotel (a type of hotel which couples rent to spend the night), we were both still in senior high, so we gave up with that idea. I checked into the hotel first, she then afterwards stealthily went into the room. Even there we were extremely cautious and alert about our surroundings.”

They would have a date once every 2 or 3 weeks. They called each other on phone around 7pm every day. “We both held a free call rate Willcom, so we always called each other. We’d watch variety shows such as “Lincoln” and “Ikinari Ougon Densetsu”, while laughing with each other over the phone.

We also half seriously talked about getting married. We also talked about her work and also of the fans. She also received gifts from her fans such as Nintendo DS games and Idol DVDs.”

On October of 09 Sashihara entered the senbatsu for the first time for the single “Oogoe Diamond”. She came in 27th place during the first General Election in 09, she didn’t make it into the senbatsu.

“After the election she got real down and said “I didn’t make it in today, I guess I really am no good. I’m not cute.” During that time both of us wouldn’t even have imagined that we’d get this down.”

Their relationship ended during autumn (fall) of 09. Mr. A told her of the break up. “There were so many things piled together, like we couldn’t meet when I wanted to meet her, we couldn’t even talk about our relationship to other people. I have also met her mother by chance, acting like another person. For all that when I began to talk to her about us breaking up, she replied with mail such as “No!” “I don’t want it to end!” “Even though we did it!? Don’t bullshit me!” After that I also heard that she’d started to date another fan. As far as it goes, because there is a prohibition on relationships in AKB, I think she’ll say “We didn’t go out”.

The love story of the “Idol you can meet” and an otaku fan, which even seems plausible for a drama. However a former AKB staff testified that “Those kinds of things were an everyday occurrence.”

“They are currently national idols, but back then to underground idols it was a trivial matter. No matter how much you tout about the prohibition on relationships, because their professionalism was weak, the young members would get considerably tied up with good-looking fans of the same generation. There have been girls where two-shots (photo of 2 people) of them have leak online. But as long as you didn’t get exposed you were safe. There were many whom avoided getting fired. I also heard of Sashihara’s rumours.”

For the finishing of the covering of this story, we called Sashihara through the phone number that was saved on Mr. A’s mobile. Once we did Sashihara herself answered. 
—-Is this Ms. Sashihara?
—-Did you go out with a Mr. A previously?
“No, I didn’t, we were friends.”
—-Did you exchange mail with him?
“I don’t remember. Sorry, I’m about to leave my house.”

Because she then immediately hung up, right before the live broadcast of “Waratte iitomo” on the 11th of June we directly confronted Sashihara for the second time in front of the main entrance of Studio Alta.
But she declared in the same way that Mr. A was her friend.
—-But if you were friends then you don’t do anything like send any photos of yourself in swimsuits or underwear, right?

“Yes, I don’t. I don’t do any of that. I don’t send any!”

She opened her eyes then walked briskly through the entrance. After the direct confrontation at the “Waratte iitomo” broadcast, the host Tamori and Chihara Junior grandly congratulated Sashihara on her rank of 4th place. But was what we saw as her hetare character all just in our imaginations?

Top left are supposed sent photos

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