Rino Sashihara Talks About Her Comrades Who Started Living Life In Tokyo Far From Their Home At The Same Time As Her

  April 27, 2012

This week Nisshin Cupnoodle presented us to Rino Sashihara’s 19y/o real.
In this video she talks about other 4 members with whom she came to Tokyo to join AKB. Tough they aren’t doing particularly for her, just being with them makes her help go through her working days. When she has a tough time, they feel her pain without any verbal explanation, and cheer her up, playing loud together, and not ask her what happened. “I don’t call them members. We call each ohter, Chihou-gumi, I wish no matter what would happen, Chihou-gumi members were always together. “
Chihou-gumi: a name, Sashihara call members from outside Tokyo, esp region far from Tokyo, with whom she came to Tokyo together.
Cupnoodle’s New TV commercial series, Real.
This week we brought you Sashihara-san’s long version commercial. We are impressed with her honest, unpretentious expression.
Next week we will deliver you “Haruka Shimazaki, Be Myself”
Chihou-gumi: Rie Kitahara(Aichi), Shizuka Ohya(Fukuoka), Rino Sashihara(Oita) and Yuuka Nakanishi(Aichi)